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Monday, 17 September 2018


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Rather than keep apologising for the funnies being late, why not just change the scheduled time? :-)

Why thank you David! That is the purpose of the eye in the hurricane...that brief calm to let out what's needed and let in what you might as well!

About that fisherman, I know a couple of fellows like him. Slow minded.

Now look here, Bucko, that sort of common-sense is not the sort of thing we encourage here at D&N!

Ahoy AussieD!

Aussie sailors appreciate neat ships as much as Yank sailors?

I'll go a'bit out on a plank here an' guess "Yep."

G'day JK,

Spot on. Ship/hull design I have found to be a favourite topic of discussion among sailors of most nationalities and I have had some very pleasant extended discussions over ship design with RN, RNZN, RAN and USN sailors of the years.

That is one very neat conversion of what was an attractive man-o-war into a neat private yacht. Unfortunately a bit over what I could afford.

You are safe on that plank.

Sorry :-)

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