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Friday, 12 October 2018


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Well, with the passage of hurricane Michael and its high winds and heavy downpours....we now, after 22 hours without power, have it back!!!!!

I'm very fond of exclamation marks and to hell with Miss Woods!!

Bloody hell, Whiters, that 'fickle finger of fate' has pointed at the USA for too long! First, NC, then Florida. Good job y'all have 'the right stuff'!

Don't be too harsh on her, Andra, she was actually a very nice lady! (That one's for her!)

I think I'll just leave this here...

Richard you're a terrible influence ...

Being a three dot man myself, I can understand the quandary...

What is strange, is that after posting a comment anywhere, I re-read the implication of either an exclamation mark or the three dot method, and change them all!

I blame modern keyboards, as one would never have written three dots...

(Even with a maroon Parker Duofold)!...;)(*&^%$£")!

Richard, that was hilarious!

JK, like so much else in life, you 'do' things, like political advertising, differently over there!

Scrobbers, I, too, think the keyboard has much to answer for!

The exclamation mark...the marker of emotional incontinence.

Damn, that’s harsh!!!

David, this is one place the possible PM Corbyn of today's post, your defiant writing style and the American way of doing things all converge:

Well, thank you, Bob, it's nearly always a pleasure for me to listen to Sinatra but that particular song is not a favourite of mine.

Nor am I sure what you mean by describing my "writing style" as "defiant".

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