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Friday, 12 October 2018


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Doesn't Measure for Measure have someone disguising himself as a Friar in order to spy on people? That must present challenges for a modern-dress production!

Indeed it does, 'W', and as I found out the hard way with my modern dress production you really do need the full, old-fashioned friar's cloak and hood in order to disguise the fact that it is the silly old Duke who rules the City!

As you can probably guess from my moniker, I am more a science fan than arty farty type; however, when working in town I have frequently taken the opportunity to get me some culture and have seen and enjoyed several of the Bard’s offerings. I will say that one adaptation I enjoyed was “The Complete Works os Shakespeare (Abridged). One needed some knowledge of the works to appreciate the show which was so funny that the following night I saw “The History of the West (Abridged)” and the night after “The Complete Bible (Abridged)”. What really amazed me was that these 3 different plays were on on consecutive nights and withe the same cast of 4.

Well, 'Wiggers', I trust your, er, 'distribution function' was working well on those nights!

Definitely, probabilitily.

Oho, very witty, Wilde, er, I mean Wiggers!

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