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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


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She and Bill are the kind of Trash who have lusted for money and power and as often is the case, become Trashier. They are just in time for the elections.

Unless you believe silly accusations by the likes of the late Jerry Falwell, the Clintons can't begin to compete with Trump on trashiness, which really says something about Trump. Though the stories likely aren't showing up in right wing outlets, the latest on his much bigger than admitted inheritance, family business fraud and tax dodging, and company collusion with foreign private intel firms and a Russian bank set some new lows, even for him.

The Clintons outpace Trump in irrelevance only. When the people at Trump rallies chant "lock her up" they now mean either Christine Blasey Ford or Dianne Feinstein.

Well Bob, were the interwebs around back in the 80s you'd never heard the names Bill & Hill.

Matter a fact I think now had there been the internet and especially social media, Bill'd still be diddling in Hot Springs whorehouses and Hill'd be in a lesbian relationship with that southern California black Congresscritter. Whose name escapes me.

JK, as one of the commenters asks, "Maybe the GOP rumor mill isn't entirely accurate and truth-driven, is that possible?"

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