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Thursday, 11 October 2018


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Well Duffers, I was feeling quite chirpy before I opened your latest. I’ll be nursing a bottle of the finest local hooch (not for resale) before the sun is over the yardarm.

Order vs Chaos in the world. Satan is at work among us. Europe seems to be as it always was, in the US, Democrats are out of power, out of their minds and now out in the open. South America is still roiled by warmed over Marxist theory and many are dying for it. China was, is and will be communist. Communists lie always. Russia is Russia as long as Vlad is alive.

Well, David, you either pretend to not, or really don't, have a clue about American politics - and I'm not delusional enough to try to 'splain it to you - so just a few easy questions: Did you imagine Britain could simply pull out of one of the world's largest trading blocs with no complications and all involved keeping big, silly grins on their faces? Do you believe that America can operate on the governmental equivalent of a reality TV show without China and other dubious players gaining power?

I am not nervous. Maybe my glass is too small and fools me into thinking it is half full when it isn't. Africa and South American have always been A-1 basket cases. I still think Vlad is all mouth and having a short man disposition. We all know what happened to dear NB. I also think that Pompeo is doing a bang up job. Trump has picked some fine representatives (Glorious Comet Haley is also one of them - too bad she resigned). The hysteronics of the Dumbo party is not doing them any favours.
Now. What is happening across the pond? Alas, I had such high hopes for May. Again, my belief that women make bad leaders.
As far as fleeing to St. Helena - I may just join you. So remote it is 5 days by boat, and even though they finished their airstrip, the winds make it too shaky to invade.

Dear Miss Red, there was me feeling all depressed and along you come and cheer me up. What a prospect, you, me and the shade of Napoleon Bonaparte!

David you have regaled us with the incredible ongoing multiple faux pas by Churchill et al and look how that turned out. However stupid politicians are they do have a profound sense of self worth and self preservation along with every other self they can muster.As we know politics is showbiz for ugly people, enter events from stage left or right whatever your calling.
My litre of J&B blended is 20 Euros but the litre seems smaller these days.

Peter - my bottle in Italy of J&B blended is about 8 euros (on special offer) so I have stocked up on that, tinned food and ammunition and am retiring to my hillside fastness.

There are worse ways to sit out armagheddon.

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