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Friday, 19 October 2018


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Only someone who knows less than nothing about California, adopted home of the sainted Ronald Reagan, could think everyone there is liberal. On second thought, Reagan would be considered liberal by today's Republicans.

I too do not percipitate on FB, Twitter or any of those 'social' media 'weapons of mass distraction'. California is pretty much becoming a new feudal society via ignorance and arrogance. The place used to be firmly in the All American camp where even Democrats gladly reflected that status.

On this'un I reckon I'll have to agree with Bob. Recently reinforced as I was when notified to "make room on your [mine] calendar for a visiting from Bakersfield cousin who wants definitely to see you."

Still, I wouldn't be caught dead in the place these days.

Speaking of "drippingly wet, liberal petals", have you come across this NPC meme yet, Duffers? I have, and haven't laughed so much since Brexit.

You're missing out, JK, a lot of California is beautiful and a great sight-seeing trip. Remember, the late-to-this-blog TheBigHenry commented from one of the conservative desert communities, of which there are many.

The right wing propaganda is that California consists only of San Francisco, LA and Silicon Valley. And Nancy Pelosi, uppity, mega rich screen stars and tech nerds live there in gated communities safe from Mexican gangs they're perfectly willing to unleash on the general populace of hippie beach bums. And the whole state is very, very bad. If anyone here cares, the truth is more complicated:

Is it Bob, merely rightwing propaganda that California statute doesn't feature a concealed carry license reciprocity provision?

As I don't patronize any Arkansas businesses which are "gun free" so why wouldn't I freely choose to "miss out" being in any California jurisdiction?

I'm sure all the residents of CA, both legal and not, will miss you, JK.

Yes they will Bob. Or they would if they knew firsthand my bubbly personality.

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