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Thursday, 04 October 2018


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From your lips to God's ears . . . .

You've managed a pretty good simulation of the American right's tone. Congratulations.

Well, Dippers, I do sit at His right hand!

Thanks, Bob, so long as do not sound anything like the Dem tone!

I think it will be good turn out on both sides. The Republican votes cast will be legal ones.

"You'll" be happy to find I applied some of the 'ol' JK magic' beseeching whatever guys I used to know remain to get you an FBI Finding. Alas, as the main report can't be let out:

It's in the addendum.


Too much likker and a feller cain't tell a verb from a noun.

Well you did imply a conclusion.

Must Read David! Authored by a Never-Trumper. Or was anyway.

Thanks, JK.

Cloture vote in the Senate passed 51-49. Democrat Joe Manchin voting "Aye." Republican Lisa Murkowski, "No."

Final confirmation vote to occur at 1500 US Eastern Timezone (5 hours following GMT).

My sphincter is clenched, JK!

This is a battle between Decency and Trash, Order and Chaos. This cloture vote gave decency and order the win by only two votes. Final vote late tomorrow. Lets see who stands on what side.

Look who is massed in the streets around the Capitol and flooding the Senate halls. One side is, the other is not.

Oh the other side is there too Whitewall.

Just that quiet respectful crowds don't get airtime. (Now maybe if they'd put Pussy Hats on, Wolf Blitzer might mistake 'em long enough to allow contrary opinions.)

A tricorne accessorized with open carry is always the most respectful dress for protest. A picture of Obama made up as The Joker or a juju man is optional, but definitely emphasizes respectfulness.

Open carrying in the federal city ... surely you jest?

Got a link to the peechurs?


Where was a federal city mentioned? You're beginning to make a habit of arguing against imaginary statements, but here's a picture from a local paper:

You can Google up plenty more.


Well to tell you the truth Bob I was kinda figuring since you was talking "dress for protest" there was probably yelling in elevators and such inwhich case openly carrying would, most likely, garner the protestors a big bunch of tediosness.

I see I was in error. Thanks Bob I do like to see well accoutered and very calm protesters. Of course, toting around a shotgun does steel the nerves.

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