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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


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As I refer to them--"Rent a Red". Twenty first century agitprop.

About these migrants, they are aided and funded by many bad actors and some naive ones. This group,

As well as Chinese, Russian, Leftist and Iranian interests. All part of a third world assault on the West. Women and children out front for the cameras. Men to the front to destroy obstacles and laws.

Also spotted in the Soros-sponsored conspiracy migration hiding among the women and children: The Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, Illuminati, Barack Obama, The Clintons, Antifa, Marxists, fluoride, The Deep State, Ebola, and other really scary stuff.

Bob - time for your meds. Call nurse.

No, Cuffy, he is suggesting that these are the loony notions that WE believe.He is a Lefty, so factual truth is not really relevant to his arguments. EIn real estate, the three most important factors are "Location, location, location." In Leftspeak, they are "Emotion, emotion, emotion." Sober analysis is just not their thing.

Malcolm Pollack just posted a piece about who is among this caravan of 'migrants'.

We have a national security threat here, not an 'immigration' problem.

Gee Bob you forgot to include the Jews. Getting sloppy mate.

A former Prime Minister down here wisely said, "we will decide who come to this country and how". The right of every sovereign nation.

I deny being a lefty in the sense of political philosophy, but whatever. You might all be surprised to know that lefties think righties base all their judgements on emotion too. It's a rather cheap argument. If "sober analysis" means analysis based on a basic attitude the world and most of its inhabitants are dangerous, then yes, the right is more sober. The right is also more likely to distrust unbiased media sources and believe authority figures.

Kin of your's David?

Campaign season in Arkansas ...

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