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Thursday, 25 October 2018


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I doubt our friend JK has much truck with the money trade though it is rampant...or was, across the border with Missouri, especially near the Searcy, Arkansas area.

Whitewall's of course nearabouts right, we hold no truck with the carpetbaggers of Little Rock - buncha damn Democrats all!

Nah what me'n Barney & Etc LLC do is we filter out our "overflow" through the auspices of Walmart Financial Services.

Walmart Financial Services, aka, the Bank of Bentonville?

Well Bentonville is in the hills still ain't it? I mean no self-respectin hillbilly'd adventure the flatlands (or, gulp! the delta) to effect a foldin' money transaction would he?

So that is where that former star of Trumpton took his earnings.
I wonder where the other members of that Famous Fire Fighting Fraternity Fled.

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