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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


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While we still have time, while the light of sanity still faintly glimmers before being legally extinguished, let us take full advantage of the few freedoms remaining to us.

For example, let's savour the additional fact that Bercow has been cuckolded by his equally ridiculous wastrel wife.

The Thought Police aren't as much a danger to you as the Unhinged Rhetoric Police, David. Your government has defined hate crime:

And it is not without sound legal precedent:

I hate anti Brexit EU knee crawling politicians. They are a bunch of disgusting scumbags who dishonour our nation.

When they first started proposing hate-crime laws, over twenty years ago, when I was still a Dimocrap, we said that this was a very treacherous road to travel. We were right, even in our benighted Dimocrap stupor. Assault, murder and slander were already crimes. Trying to discern a motive to make those crimes worse is not a slippery slope. It is a rabbit trail though a swamp.

One of the most ardent campaigners for hate-crime legislation was the sister of Matthew Sheppard, a homosexual who was beaten to death on a road side out West. Terrible anti-homosexual hate crime!! Oh, but wait! The assailants were both homosexuals, who were dealing speed, and accused Sheppard of cheating them.

James Byrd, Jr. was dragged behind a truck in Southeast Texas. As Governor Bush said, the men were already convicted and sentenced to death, before those odious laws were passed. What more could anyone do or say? That part of Texas was the site of the War of the Regulators and the Moderators, a gang war that was fought in the earliest days of the Republic. The area was the neutral strip before that, 1803-1820. It's just rough country, and nobody with any sense goes there. The two murderers had been in prison, where they had been subjected to gang violence, and, hate-crime laws or not, the gangs are racially segregated. Making a Civil Rights law for gangs makes about as much sense as gun control. Criminals ignore laws. Any questions?

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