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Wednesday, 10 October 2018


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Re Bengal and the famine of 1943. In that year as for much of the 1940's I was often hungry as were my parents, other family, neighbours and many others. We had food rationing. World War 2 and the aftershocks meant that scrimping, saving, and shortages of many things affected the great majority. So when the Bengal Famine struck where was food to come from given the War in Europe and the War against Japan, who incidentally were close to invading Bengal. And how many merchant ships did we lose in 1943 alone?

Demetrius, exactly the point Roberts makes:

"In earlier famines, rice had been shipped from Burma, Thailand and elsewhere in the Far East, but this was impossible because the Japanese had invaded those countries and their submarines were operating in the Bay of Bengal and their Navy had shelled East Indian cities."

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