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Tuesday, 02 October 2018


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Someone should suggest to him that a good way of preserving wild cats is to go and befriend a family of them. It gives them both food and exercise.

Actually Duffers repugnant as you and I might find it big game hunting is likely to be one of the keys to saving these magnificant creatures.

By giving them a value as trophies they are less likely to be machine gunned or mined by poachers for bush meat or ivory.

The problem is the people who live around there are dirt poor and uninclined to industrialise, and do not share our sentimental aversion to killing these animals.

Incentives matter.

I understand where Cuffers is coming from but if you are not going to eat it because it is a primary food source, defend yourself or somebody else from its murderous intent but still kill such a magnificent beast then you are a miserable excuse for a human being.

I could never understand how you could get your jollies from killing something. Life is a gift not to be extinguished for the purpose of a thrill.

So speaks a man who was prepared to shoot all sorts of nasties at my countries foes. At least they could shoot back.

Bristow is f-----g pathetic.

"Mr. Bristow would be set loose in an African game park armed only with a Swiss army knife pursued by several of his big, brave fellow killers hunters?"

"Naked Prey"...?

I have done some hunting in Africa and the correlation between hunting and conservation is absolutely clear. I was interested in stalking and shooting plains game,large antelopes etc , most of which is eaten as a staple in parts of Africa ,particularly Namibia , beef being too expensive and a ready seller for the landowners.
The local authority usually determine how many animals can be taken in a year which squares with the predominant aim of the farmers, which is obviously to have more game next year than last.
I was neither interested ,nor wedged up sufficiently to go after the big game ,an elephant is now I believe $50,000 but in talking to a few who did have the wherewithal, I discovered that the proscribed distance for shooting them is about 40 yards or so!Should you miss and it turns on you, the professional hunter is there to dispatch it.

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