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Saturday, 06 October 2018


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"That is, a man who lives in music and expresses everything, serious or not, sound or superficial, by means of music, because it is his native language. Beyond doubt Gershwin was an innovator. What he has done with rhythm, harmony and melody is not merely style. He is an artist and a composer; he expressed musical ideas, and they were new"

None other than Arnold Schömberg, after Gershwin's death.

'Buen día para usted', Ortega, and where the hell have you been for the last few months?

Good to hear from you and Herr Schömberg is absolutely right!

Gershwin is actually performed fairly often for a "modern" American composer. He's up there with Copland and Barber. There are also a good number of recordings:

Thanks, Bob.

Gershwin wrote divine music. Rhapsody in Blue is a very important piece. I have several versions, including the original by Paul Whiteman. Don't forget American in Paris - wonderful stuff. I don't think he will be forgotten.

Check out Jack Gibbons summer piano concerts in Oxford. He is a Gershwin specialist.

Thanks, Monoi, but alas Oxford is 'a county too far' for me these days.

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