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Friday, 26 October 2018


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Good! For about 36 hours I thought the Earth was off its axis or something!

Security certificate for became no longer valid. The new security certificate became valid for, hence the non availability of the www url.

Advise SoD "we" took a look at whatever it was and (from the limited access managed) figured it had most likely been a Typepad problem associated with the Avzhan DDoS bot.

Attribution, owing to "we here, you there" and certain other limitations of course, are beyond allowable scope.

I have no difficulty in reaching this blog, but when I click on the address, a little box pops up with the message "It's a bit shite, are you sure you want to proceed?"

It was the Russians . . .

I have had no trouble accessing the site. Compared to all that tech stuff celestial navigation is a breeze.

Glad that's been sorted. I can return to my daily fix of Duff.


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