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Thursday, 25 October 2018


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My money's firmly on a false flag op. And I expect the evidence will emerge before polling day.

Trouble is, if it does, then it would look like a false, false flag.

However that in turn could be mistaken for a false, false false flag op.

My 'ead hurts!

Everything about this stinks.

Don't know y'all across the pond've been treated to the photographic evidence so far released on four of the ten "purported devices" supposedly mailed through USPS facilities but one thing stands out - no postmark[s] and no cancellation on the stamps. Big red flag.

Getting to the (general, obvious [I'll be posting no tips on the internet) specifics, posting a number of devices is an extremely tricky proposition - the means of detonation on the devices appears to be a timer but no accelerometers - as there's no 'special handling instructions' stamped on the envelopes one would assume the packages were subject to a heckuva lot of jostling. Yet not a single instance of premature ejaculation?

And why only individuals receiving "suspect" packages? Why no campaign facilitation infrastructure?

Why hasn't any authority in possession of any of the captured devices not adhered to standard practices if there existed "reasonable suspicion" any of the devices posed a "real threat" ie, secured the device to containment blown it up and only then present the bits to newsmedia photographers?

All this and more stinks to the heavens.

Oh and as I've just peeked around the corner to the tv screen showing the device and packaging [envelope] purported to've been found in the mailings to the former lady chief of the DNC - No Stamped Return To Sender. Convenient.

If'n this is the Left trying to make it look like Republicans are militant, I can think of one name who can manufacture an explosive not to actually detonate ---- William Charles "Bill" Ayers ---- comes to mind.

Precisely Ups.

None of that stuff is difficult. And there is precedent as your reference to 'Weathermen' grouping makes clear enough. A word comes to mind:

Poseur. Not Poser though. Now plural, copycats.

Apparently "several" of these devices were placed in southern Florida's postal system which, leads me to posit, the mailer [culprit] is perhaps a third generation Cuban extracted Democrat. When she pleas (yes, she I believe) her English will be heavily accented.

I just want this guess recorded on a publicly accessible blog outside then US, for posterity and, ... some other reasons. Best my guess be on a UK blog.

One solid bit of evidence that the bombs were not made by conservatives; they didn’t blow up.

This event(s) may be the 'October Surprise'?


Agree with plurality.


Typical Alinsky playbook, overwhelm by sheer volume. A certain aspect of our society has a propensity of using this (overwhelm by volume) as one of their standard M.O.’s. Evidence of this can be viewed in a backward glance through the looking glass.

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