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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


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No wasted Kleenex at all. The WaPo snapped him up before the NY Times could grab him.

Well he will now know whether the 72 virgins exist or not. With a bit of luck they do and are all 7' tall, built like brick dunnies and aggressively gay.

Good luck with that Kash old chap.

So it's OK for the Saudi government to kill journalists they don't agree with as long as they're rotten guys?

Seems like a bit of a mug to me. You knowingly walk into the den you die. BRITAIN getting out of the EU is more important.

"The fate of Khashoggi has at least provoked global outrage, but it’s for all the wrong reasons. We are told he was a liberal, Saudi progressive voice fighting for freedom and democracy, and a martyr who paid the ultimate price for telling the truth to power. This is not just wrong, but distracts us from understanding what the incident tells us about the internal power dynamics of a kingdom going through an unprecedented period of upheaval. It is also the story of how one man got entangled in a Saudi ruling family that operates like the Mafia. Once you join, it’s for life, and if you try to leave, you become disposable."

As usual, Bob has got it almost right! It's OK for the Saudi government to kill journalists as long as they are Saudi citizens.

There is a problem accessing D&N directly last night and this morning. I have to link through another blogger's roll? Going directly I get a warning screen that says 'unsafe'. Must be an exaggeration!

I had that too Whitewall.

You using Google Chrome by any chance? The reason I ask is that I think Google is of the opinion David's a blight on all "the good people's intentions" if you know what I mean.

Try Mozilla if you continue experiencing problems.

Uhm David? Your IT staff where he can get into your site's configuration settings? Mozilla's messaging:

"The owner of has configured their website improperly."

& Chrome messages:


Looks from here like you mighta had a drive by ...

JK, yep I use Chrome. Sounds like a double team hit job.

Yes, sorry everybody but there appear to be myriad problems today and quite where the emanate from I don't yet know. WATCH THIS SPACE!

"Thankfully, even in a cursed region like the Middle East, sending a government-sponsored hit squad to a foreign country to do away with an individual merely because he is expressing unwelcome opinions is considered sheer lunacy. However, bumping off political opponents, and especially those from Islamist groups, is as much a part of Arab culture as hummus and buggering boys."

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