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Thursday, 18 October 2018


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"the Dept. of Drains and Sewers where, I suspect, they will feel entirely at home!"...aka, The Swamp (yours)

No. We should shoot 4 out of 5 - pour encourages les autres.

A tad severe, 'rappers', and by the way, where the hell have you been for the last few weeks/months/years?

It's becoming clear that over £500.00 of our poll tax goes to paying pensions of 'civil servants' in Tunbridge Wells.

Now they want to spend over £90m for a people's palace, so that means the figure will inevitably rise like the Scottish house of idiots building did.

Bastards the lot of them. Skivers as well.

I reckon they all need shooting - forget the one in five...

But I thought they were our civil servants?


Quite so Loz and the reason they are to be hanged, sorry, sacked, is that they are behaving as if they were theirs.

My understanding is that Hanging Drawing and Quartering was introduced specifically to disincentivate this sort of thing. Perhaps it would be an idea to bring it back for Oily Olly and his chums?

The Deep State knows no boundaries . . .

Perhaps we could substitute fish and chip suppers in Washington, Tyne and Wear, for dinners in Washington DC? After all it would permit far more family time! Especially if the new office for administrative affairs was located there.

As well as shooting them it might be a good idea to make it perfectly plain that there will be no risk assessment beforehand. That will really upset them.

Uncle Mort, you are a dry, old stick!

Better three in three!

Very, er, Anglo-Saxon, Cerdic!

Any truth?

If it comes from Barnier, then 'no', or 'non' if you prefer!

Whitewall, Mrs May is being mocked and humiliated by the EU. She seems prepared to take it for after all sh was a remainder. The, Irish border is a red herring and this is known. We should walk away and go with WTO rules.

Is the Irish border a matter of passion there today as it was just a generation ago? A lot of time has passed.

Whitewall, the border was flexible like most borders but with some controls!

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