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Tuesday, 02 October 2018


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Didn't golf begin as a game for 'Gentlemen'? When something is taken over by the middle class, it sort of becomes 'middle class'. My impression anyway.

G'day Whitewall.

I believe it started in Scotland where, with the exception of Jimmy you'd be hard pressed to find a gentleman.

Good way to spoil a pleasant walk.

Scotland? Well, the clans had to swing something when they weren't fighting each other I guess!

Don't fret, David, American politics has always been a 'punch-up'. The rules and outcomes of the game are only adjusting to the final passing of the post-war era and the possibilities introduced by rapidly advancing media technologies and propaganda techniques.

Yes, Bob, I do realise that American politics is a rough game but I sense a new malignancy in the air which has spread to 'the lower orders'. Once lit, that fuse could eventually set off a massive explosion. I will stop fretting if you stop being so lackadaisical!

The current situation in the USA reminds me of the UK under the Sainted Margaret. People who didn't like her were beyond reason and it was no good talking to them about her - so I didn't. It didn't help that the Tory party, like today's Republicans, were a bunch of wimps.

Nope. It's the same old malignancy, David.

backofanenvelope, Republicans are anything but wimps. For decades they despised Russia, but now they admire Vlad's "strength" and contempt for diversity. They hated the North Korean autocracy, but their winning presidential candidate "fell in love" with Kim Jong-un:

They were uncompromising free traders but now think tariffs are terrific. They hated deficit spending, but now there's no military expenditure or tax cut they can resist. They used to complain about social coarsening but now ignore sexual predation and find New York street talk "authentic". Once the "law and order" party, they now consider the law enforcement and intelligence services among the unpatriotic. They are as bold as change itself.

The Republicans are reactive. All the things you accuse them of, even if they are true, are reactions to your lot. They don't say much about sexual predation because the predators are Democrats - starting with your presidents!

If the Democrats jumped into a lake would the Republicans do it too?

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