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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


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Not only troops but armed militia groups. This caravan of organized invaders is being funded by anti America Left wing people and interests in a grab for power through chaos. The Constitution's 14th Amendment is being used and abused to this end. Congress knows it and the newly liberated and radicalized Senator Lindsey Graham is offering legislation as a first step. Trump should bring the crisis to a head with an Executive Order around the 14th Amendment which will be immediately challenged by Democrat judges. This opens "the way in" to undo a bad and destructive Amendment. To wit:

"You have to read the whole 14th Amendment. There’s a clause in the middle that people ignore or they misinterpret — “Subject To The Jurisdiction Thereof” — ‘thereof’ meaning of the United States. What they’re saying is, if you’re born on US soil subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, meaning you’re the child of citizens or the child of legal immigrants, then you are entitled to citizenship. If you’re here illegally, if you owe allegiance to a foreign nation, if you’re the citizen of a foreign country, that clause does not apply to you." Micheal Anton from a longer piece.

I am sure that the US Army has lots of razor wire. A triple barrier of this stuff could be strung up in quick time by 5,000 troops. They can't be used in law enforcement, but fortifying the border would be OK.

They should do to the migrants what they do to law abiding visitors arriving JFK of an evening - stand a line until your passport has been examined and your fingerprints taken.

Where are you staying sir?

So arrage a large reception facility for them with BOR's three strands of triple razor wire, and process them one by one, putting them on buses back to honduras.

"[B]ecause the law specifically forbids American troops being used in a law enforcement role."

Somebody shoulda told General Douglas MacArthur about that law:

And then, after that somebody'd told Douglas he coulda gone on and told both Attorney General Reno and President Clinton!

"Mr. Craig told jurors that military vehicles used by the F.B.I. in the Branch Davidian operation included seven Bradley armored personnel carriers, four 54-ton combat engineering vehicles, two M-1 Abrams battle tanks, and a tracked maintenance recovery vehicle."

To heck with the razor wire BOE instead, Roll Armor! Sez President Bill ...

A problem for Trump is that his inflammatory rhetoric apparently motivates his political opponents at least as much as his base. It also seems to have lost considerable numbers of independents and centrist Republicans (whatever few there are left). We will be finding out shortly.

There are no polling data that suggest President Trump has lost support among the people who elected him, and substantial data showing he has gained support among Blacks and Latinos. CNN was utterly shocked to find so many Hispanic Texans who are angry about the migrant caravan. They waited on the line, and resent the line jumpers as much as anyone else does.

No, there was no line when my family got here, in the sixteen hundreds, except for the Communion line in their Anglican churches. Sin embargo, ("nevertheless") we are a nation of immigrants, and damned proud of it, but do please come in in an orderly fashion, and do not presume to take jobs that would have gone to our Black and Latino CITIZENS.

Mr. French reminds him that sending 5,000+ troops to the border will availeth him naught because the law specifically forbids American troops being used in a law enforcement role.

Mr. French is wrong. The “Posse Comitatus Act” prohibits any public official from ordering the Army and Air Force to act as a “a posse comitatus” i.e. law enforcement except the President who is specifically authorized to do so in accordance with law. While our left wing friends do not like, Mr. Trump is president.

The civilian police agencies are able to deal with it, and while legal, it is extremely poor policy.

More than you want to know.

You'll be noting David, Hank's mention of "which force[s]" specifically Posse Comitatus cover and why the exception[s]?

The Articles of Confederation merely permitted a standing Navy and something of a Marine force. 1787 rolls around and the People are naturally suspicious of a standing Army.

As well the People ought.

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