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Friday, 05 October 2018


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The main question for the Beeb is...does Cathy Newman still own her 'Sindy Dolls'?

No surprises there, but it's great that someone did the research just so we can quote it whenever we meet some simpleton who thinks remaining is a good idea, and that the Brexiteers were misled by a media conspiracy. We chose to leave despite the best efforts of the country's finest homosexual anti-racist upper middle class Oxbridge graduates.

I don't actually object to anyone having different political opinions from me. But what irks me about the BBC is how patronising and condescending they are. Listening to them or reading their website (I gave up the TV ages ago) is like being lectured to by some adolescent equality zealot from the local sixth form college.

We'll throw in the ABC, our supposedly unbiased taxpayer funded radio and tv network, and they can be offered as a job lot.

Costs the Oz taxpayer $AUD1Billion a year and we get sweet f.a for it.

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