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Sunday, 21 October 2018


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And as the ex-head if MI6 says ...

... now Blighty's out in the big bad world with no EU or US solidarity, the big bad wolf is going to start picking on us.

And that fat knacker is all there is between Vlad and MBS's murderers et al, and you and yours truly.

The West has committed fragmentation suicide with the nationalist movements of Trump, Brexit, and the euro-right.

Well done for weighing in with your contribution: Good call 23rd June 2016.


SoD, the "ex-head of MI6" is just another senior civil servant, or in other words, another creeping, arse-licker. If he seriously believes that we can rely on Brussels to defend us he's obviously smoking the wrong sort of stuff!

So far this week you've slagged off the civil service, Westminster's pols, and the armed forces, quite rightly. Maybe the last month or so the Crown Prosecution Service, further back the NHS, Social Services, and the state education organisation.

'bout covers the entire panoply of Blighty's authorities.

And then in the same breath you say, "But it's alright, because at least they're ours".

Isn't it perhaps time you started to view alternate power structures as useful competitors to Westminster, to keep our pols in check and oblige them to raise their game? To raise their game or else we, the third estate, will go elsewhere, either with our money or by walking? And that to shackle us to one authority, come what may, invites monopoly, incompetence, negligence, corruption, and abuse?

Things like that not even worth a look-in?


It is precisely because I am able to criticise and, more importantly, to assist regularly in the removal of our politicians, that makes me exceedingly proud and protective of our British institutions which, I would remind you, SoD, have developed over centuries and cost us much in blood and treasure.

Now tell me, who asked you for your opinion in appointing 'Junck the Drunk' as your, er, 'beloved' Leader, and even more important, who asked you whether you wanted Martin Selmayr, the virulently anti-Brit Hun to take over the job next year?

As to the Salisbury attack, it took place whist we were members of the EU. Fat lot of help they were!

The British Army of one generation ago:

Hillary must invite the 'spirit world'. No mortal man would get within a mile of her.

"that makes me exceedingly proud and protective of our British institutions"

I'm really sorry to go on about this (no you're not ...Ed), but how come you slag Blighty's institutions off incessantly - and quite rightly, imho, including, but not limited to ...

Armed Forces
Civil Service
Social Services
State Education system
(Err, that's enough state institutions ...Ed)

Well actually Ed, that's about it on the mainstream list of state institutions today. In the 1970's the list included ...

Coal Mining
Steel Manafucaturing
Car manufacruting

And guess what? They all sucked balls too, and you went on incessantly about them as well!

And while in the EU, I can have my say about these state institutions by voting with my feet and choosing 1 of 27 others, a true, meaningful vote. Now I won't have that vote shortly.

Ref Junck-the-Drunk and Selmayr: If Blighty were to remain in the EU then Blighty's PM would have a 1 in 28 say in their appointment. Which is more than I had in appointing Blighty's PM.


Personalizing Brexit is beside the point. The EU is primarily a trading bloc and business has only one concern:

Should you crash out of the EU, it might not be easy to feel good about being 'purely' British.

Btw, you American gun nuts will love this, and it might even help make up for Brit troops that waddle:

No, Bob, the EU is definitely and absolutely not just "a trading bloc". It is a political empire on the make!

David, a Winchester Rifle? Will a Henry Rifle do?

Not sure what a 'Henry Rifle' is but if it can puncture tyres - start shooting!

We need to introduce National Service if only for a laugh and watch the mass exodus from the UK.

Somehow, Jimmy, I can't see our little 'petals' coping with it!


The AR-15/m-16/m-4 is a general purpose infantry weapon. Where we need weapons that are special purpose we have them and use them. The reason it hasn't been replaced is that for practical purposes the proposed replacements, when used as a general purpose infantry weapon can do every thing the an AR-15/m-16/m-4 can do at an extra $1000 to $3000 a copy. If that can be developed to be a reliable general purpose infantry weapon at a couple hundred dollars less a copy the Army will surly adopt it. Do not hold you breath.


David, do you mean the same way the signatories of the Treaty Formerly Known as NAFTA are a political empire, and the Canadians and Mexicans are complete slaves to the US?

Hank, the US defense contractors have to do something with all those tax dollars. Having worked in the military/industrial complex myself, where frugality is not the highest priority, it seems likely at least some of the concepts in the ribbon gun will find their ways into future rifles.


"Having worked in the military/industrial complex myself, where frugality is not the highest priority, it seems likely at least some of the concepts in the ribbon gun will find their ways into future"

Well they, meaning "the concepts" already have, in typical Department of Defense procurement fashion massively scaled up and eye-wateringly expensive - and as yet "not working as wished" - I give you the USS Gerald Ford for the Navy's example. And that's just the one (of I seem to recall) eight either on the drawing board or, in testing.


That kind of stuff is also annoying from an engineer's point of view. The reason a lot of that stuff doesn't work the first time is that the Pentagon and top-level contractors often put arbitrary drop-dead dates on projects and pieces of projects.

When I was still in the biz a new missile was scheduled to be tested for Caspar Weinberger. The science and tech people on the project knew it wouldn't work and told management so, but they went ahead with the test anyway. The thing exploded not far from the launch pad. Caspar and the other big wigs probably shared a good laugh and some 50 year old scotch afterward.

Dearie me, the Brexiteer mob just shit their pants in public ...

Do you think you'd ever catch Junck-the-Drunk being half as stupid even after a bottle of Dom P and Remy Martin chasers?

And you want those foetus-brained turnips in the driving seat?


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