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Sunday, 28 October 2018


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The mind fairly boggles. Fourteen hundred years Islam has been trying to enforce its totalitarian ideology and spread it across Europe. No ifs, no buts, no exclusions. You're in or your dead.

Read the bits in their so called holy books on what to do with Jews to understand their ideas on religious tolerance.

The west is fast coming to the point where it has to make up its mind whether the liberal western civilization is worth saving or not.

Just as well I don't live in Europe or I'd be in real trouble. Britain will be well off out of the clutches of the [choke] European Courts.

I read that disgraceful 'bow to Sharia' statement by that 'court'. Chilling!
"I trust that across Europe many other people will respectfully reserve the right to do the same." I have a feeling that when the weight comes down, 'respectfully' will have no part in it.

Our being signed up to the ECHR is entirely separate from our membership of that German customs union thingie which we voted to leave. Theresa May is on record that we ought to leave the ECHR's jurisdiction regardless of the referendum result, because she stamped her little kitten heel when she found it difficult to deport some rabble-rousing Islamic types back to Crapistan when she was Home Secretary. But don't hold your breath. Our liberal elite love European legal institutions because they protect anti-British traitors and illegal immigrants, and also because they provide so much lucrative work for London "human rights" lawyers.

("human rights" lawyers") There are people who believe our rights must come from these lawyers.

try kindle on your computer. works pretty well and screen is better for maps and stuff.

"We'll all be rooned", said Hanrahan.
He knew what he was talking about.

Per your comment on Carpenter's site; no, David, there is no god and the SSL trap isn't impenetrable.

SoD, you might be interested to know that at least one browser bookmarked D&N with the 'www' prefix and that it appears that way on several search engines. Attempts to connect ran afoul of the security certificate on both the browser and at Cloudflare. I suspect Typepad has a problem with their SSL wildcard setup. There are ways around without knowing the correct URL, but it took a while to find one that worked.

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