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Sunday, 07 October 2018


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The sun also shines Down Under. Today we went on to Daylight Saving Time in all bar the State of Queensland where they feel that to do so would mean the extra hour of sunlight would fade the curtains.

Good to see that Kavanaugh made it to the bench of USSC. The process of getting there was a travesty of natural justice. Now it is, according to our news outlets, the turn of the blonde sheila with the big boobs alleging "The Donald" had his wicked way with her.

Gotta love lamestream media.

Very pleased to see that the good ol’ US of A is getting back on track.

"to do so would mean the extra hour of sunlight would fade the curtains".
AussieD, thanks for that one! My wife and I are still chuckling over it!

Ref the mince pies 3 months before Xmas ...

Funniest one I saw was in the pub hotel I was staying at in Coventry last year.

The Xmas decs went up October 1st. Then came Halloween, presenting an issue for the new pub landlord, him now having to take the Chrizzie Dec's down, erect Halloween decs, then reassemble Chrizzie decs. The zero hours contracts of his staff wasn't gonna support all that extra work!

So the enterprising chappie came up with a gloriously sacrilegious, consumerist cunning plan: He erected the Halloween decs infront of and / or over the top of the Xmas decs, so you had Santa with a skeleton sat in his lap, Rudolf the Red-nosed reindeer with the grim reaper riding on his back, and "da lickle babee Jeeshus" with a zombie climbing out of his crib!

What a world.

Merry Xmas.


This Supreme Court showdown has been instructive alright. The Democrats and the mainstream media are fully out in the open, mask dropped as well as pants. There is no studio makeup that can cover these "news" outlets anymore that will fool the public...except for the fools that want to watch and trust them.

Funny thing about Supreme Court rulings though- not all rulings are conservative and not all conservative desires square with Constitutional meaning. More than once have our most conservative Justices found for the other side to one degree or another. Democrat's hysterics are mostly from the new realization that the Republican Party is no longer the 'fold and go home' party. Both sides are finally on the field and ours are 'en fuego'.

Are there very many "well run" major wars in the last century or two?

Comments are saying that Kavanaugh is rather more to the center than the Right. When Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg looses this mortal coil or just retires, the next appointment may well be a woman to the Right of Justice Kav. No rape charges possible. Great wailing a gnashing of teeth, even more probable than in this round. There is a site, not as marvelous as your own, but good, nonetheless, that finances itself with the sale of mugs labeled, "Liberal Tears." Delicious!

It is uncertain whether McLean or Blasey-Ford will be prosecuted for perjury or suborning perjury. They should, but who can say? If HRC is not in an orange jumpsuit, it's pretty clear that a large class of people remain above the law. We just shy away from the visuals of loser candidates being prosecuted, so banana republic, no?

The Phoney Victory

Perhaps Mr Hitchens would like, face to face, tell the remaining Allied veterans of WWII that they didn't actually win the war.

Sex and travel would probably feature in the response.

For you AussieD ...

And perhaps, that could be an anecdote Mr. Hitchens might bear in mind should he wish to take up your suggestion that he tell those vets.

Thanks JK. Good for a chuckle.

AussieD, I understand your irritation but I think you missed the point. Hitchens is not aiming his criticisms at the blokes 'up the sharp end' but at their leaders in general and Churchill in particular.

And the hard fact is that, no, we the Brits did not *win* the war, it was mainly the Russians, followed by the Yanks - with some assistance from Britain and our main contribution was simply to survive through 1940/41. And in my opinion, he is spot on in criticising Churchill for his vainglorious and almost criminal errors during the war.

If you can't stomach Hitchens - not many can! - then try Richard Lamb:

Duffers, that may very well be, but he was a lot less bad than Hitler whose errors.

What Churchill had was an ability to inspire, and a sound strategic judgement at the highest level - ie to have the wit to fight on knowing that the resources to do so could be found, especially in AMerica, to get those resources to Blighty and also Russia, to court Roosevelt.

Also to the convince the Americans to stick with Germany first despite their commitments in the Pacific.

I will try the Lamb book (I am one of those who can't stomach the awful Hitchens) and thank you for the link.

Cuffers, hardly any of the WWII leaders came anywhere near Hitler for total stupidity! Churchill's ability to inspire is undoubted but in my humble opinion he hadn't a clue about strategic warfare. To quote but one example, it was him that urged 'Bomber' Harris on and on in his almost utterly useless and hideously expensive (in money and in lives!) campaign to bomb the cities of Germany. Then there is the total cock-up of the operations in Norway which were a disaster and the folly of the decision to send HMS Prince of Wales and the Hood to the Far East. I could go on . . . but read Lamb's book and let me know what you think.

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