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Thursday, 04 October 2018


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But just in case ...

Can we now put the Maldives into the box that the Shetlands have been legally ejected from?

Figured David (SoD, AussieD &c) you might enjoy that.

Isn’t that where after the photo shoot of the cabinet meeting under water they started construction on a couple of airports?

Alas, JK, there was no enjoyment for me in that report. I think the first commenter is deadly accurate:

"As far as the HMS Queen Elizabeth is concerned, you might as well paint a red and white bulls eye on it. The only way that ship will last one week during a war is if it is in port, otherwise, it won't last three days!"

Thanks for the link JK. Fascinating development. I see that there is a definite intention of integrating the USN and RN capabilities. With the UK heading out the European door that can only be a good thing for both countries.

it won't last three days

With all due respect to a Corporal [Substantive] of Paras war at sea is vastly different to that on land. "Lizzie's" war time life expectancy at sea will depend on a whole series of interlocking factors from defence/attack in depth to the nature of the areas of operational deployment and the tasking it has been given.

For an island nation the integration of extended defence capability; i.e. the ability to destroy an approaching enemy while it is still at a distance, is exceptionally important and needs to be combined with the close in capability of destroying those elements which get through the extended cordon. That all adds up to an efficient multi-capability navy and for the present time that includes the carrier.

The UK and Oz share that extended defence situation. Ours is just magnified geographically. Unfortunately the pollies who masquerade as Defence Minister et al cannot see past the next election when it comes to Defence requirements.

Thanks for dressing the Corporal AussieD.

I'd considered bringing up the ship's being an aircraft carrier and with that implied ... (an 80 mile defensive perimeter at least + whatever the onboard missile ranging)

But thought that might be a bridge too far

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