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Saturday, 27 October 2018


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If and when they reach the border, provide them with water, food, sanitation, and basic emergency medical care if necessary. Treat them like a great nation treats a group of people in a minor disaster of their own making. Then, without allowing a single one over the border, arrange for them all to be returned to their countries of origin, at their own or joint US/Mexican expense. For those who are deemed to be genuine refugees from real political persecution, congratulate them for reaching a safe haven: Mexico.

There. That's not too difficult!

Mexico needs to wise up on this caravan thing. Aiding and abetting these people will only encourage more. If Mexico fails to act, then their economy and currency can be put at risk quickly. Whyaxye's idea is a good one, just done nowhere near the border. Asylum is meant for the politically persecuted not people looking for jobs and support by the taxpayer. Most of Latin America would march to the US and Canada if they could.

The sob stories are what Trump has to worry about. That will be the case whatever he does and however humane he chooses to be. Stories such as the little mite who had to walk all the way from Venezuela because her parents died from socialism...

Oops – no that won’t be it.

Women and children to the front for the cameras. They always throw their children at the cameras or Congress or suburban voters.

Methinks the correct response is to seal all points of entry then have sharpshooters pick off the identified MS13 gang members, a batch who are of ME or NAfrica origins and of military age and appearance, just to get the attention of the mob(on the Mexican side of course). Then inform the remaining crowds that they must camp on the Mexico side and will be orderly processed as they cross to the US side in groups of 200/day, to establish who they are, what skills they may have and to place those that might qualify for entry on a waiting list, behind all the legal applicants from their country of origin. Then straight into transportation that will take them back to country of origin with a number card and instructions to call the US embassy once every 6 months if they have said card.

This is the middle road, anything else is either shoot them all or allow them all in, both solutions being what the D party is counting on for political gain.

As you have pointed out, there are no "good" solutions, only less horrible ones. Sadly, not being forceful will only encourage more of this. Of course, if those who are funding this whole mess can be identified and publicly exposed, it might do much to mitigate any fallout. Follow the money is always the best road as it opens more options in this mess.

Too sane Terrapod.

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