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Wednesday, 14 November 2018


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Yesterday afternoon I went to visit the Great War memorial in Shirehampton
Village to ask my great uncle Harry Pike & the 57 others named there
just what they thought of Frau Merkels speech to the European Parliament.
I can tell you unequivocably that they were not amused.

I wouldn't mock the idea of a Pan-European army. Rumour has it that Theresa has allowed ex-paratroopers of any age to be compulsorily conscripted as part of her celebrated deal. It was either that or upset the Irish.

Yep, it always comes down to the troublesome 'peasant class'. The tyranny of the masses! China keeps a massive army for that very reason.

Bearing in mind that the combined armies of Europe needed American help to sort out Serbia, the either they need to quadruple their defence budgets, or hope the Donald comes to their aid.
Sounds like further posturing from people who rose to office by posturing.

Trump might come to the aid of nationalist-run countries in Europe. The rest of y'all maybe not so much.

'Sright as mebbe some a'y'all recall Bob telling ya needed to keep a close eye on the victuals in yer fallout shelters a'cause "Trump has pointedly not ruled out nuking Europe"? (7/2016)

Proclaimed too, as I recall, France was in fer parlous times as The Don "will surely nuke France." (8/2016)

First of all, the vassal states will have to cough up large amounts of wonga to get this thing on the road. Secondly I am foolishly assuming the need for a common language in said army and since Mr Frog would drink American wine rather than speak English,I foresee a long minefield of arguments on that .
Thirdly ,wherever this army is based , France will want another one in Strasbourg.

"Nationalism is to capitalism as globalism is to socialism" -- Anon.

"Like the 'invisible hand' of capitalism produces overall individual benefit ... so does the economic self-interest of nationalism produce an equivalent expansion in the wealth of nations."

Geez, JK, get a sense of humor. Still, I'm glad we have a multi-layered system in place to control the launch of nukes. Even Pravda Fox News was worried:

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