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Friday, 09 November 2018


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Em ... is the surname Dolezal by any chance, Gaelic?

I really don't know the Irish heralds so good so if'n anybody knows. But what I do have some knowledge in is the habits of black 'Muricans generally and the NAACP just abit less generally ... all I'd be suggesting is Ekundayo better have his bona fides in order should he visit Baltimore. Or Don Lemon's studio.

Thanks, JK, you sure do know how to find 'em! What a faker, er, I think I spelled that right!

Well lucky for the imposters David, it can be some time before they're found out:

Everybodys' authorities has issues.

Perhaps he and Fauxcahontas should get together. Think of the advantages of being an African/Cherokee non-specific gender person of colour.

The wallets of the gullible are bottomless. Unfortunately it is the ordinary person who pays.

David, if the color thing won't fly, there is always the wide open nonsense of 'gender identity'. If you are feeling gender 'fluid' at any useful moment, that will be the time to act. Also, crossing your legs differently might be a good start!

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