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Saturday, 03 November 2018


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David, your heart seems to be a very fickle thing?

I know, I know, I'm a very naughty boy! Mind you, so are you over at poor, old Phil Carpenter's site! What has the poor chap done to deserve us two?!

David, he hit the jackpot with us! I noticed the thread comment count is approaching 60! He deleted one of mine for some reason, I don't know why. It would help if I could. I don't do F bombs at his place or denigrate any of his 6 readers...but, he is the "Captain Kirk of that Enterprise"!

It's a really good sane article that you link to.

I note that Ms. Ahmed is apparently a specialist in sleep disorders. I hope her image isn't keeping you awake at night?

A damned good article indeed! There is much room for mischief in the
court ruling as well.

A good reason for leaving the jurisdiction of the ECHR.
The free speech part is obvious.
In a judgement concerning Islam they completely misunderstand Islamic theology- anyone who worships Mohammed commits shirk, the worst sin in Islam. How much do they understand of other matters upon which they pass judgement?
If they think it illegal to portray Mohammed as not worthy of worship, so they also think it illegal to portray Trump, Farage, DD, myself or anyone else as not worthy of worship!
Hence libel is no longer actionable, since it always portrays someone as not worthy of worship.
The judgement is pure nonsense and will do nobody any good.

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