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Saturday, 24 November 2018


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The Dems are digging deeper in that rabbit hole of identity politics. A losers game tailor made for losers. To make it worse, their new 'google eyed' 'it girl' is leading a new cadre of ignorant losers into the liberating embrace of socialism. Ole multi millionaire Queen Nancy is not amused.

For all the troubles in the Republican party, we do have options at least. The Dems have only one direction and that is left and farther left. All those 'identities' will soon be at war with each other over that generations old grudge of 'ideological purity'

Thanks for not picturing her David. During New Yawk's primaries a friend emailed she'd had a nightmare featuring a transgendered/draq-queened Marty Feldman chasing her through the subways.

Scared me just thinking about that.

Occassional-Cortex does have that effect on people. She is also quite the 'fashionista'.

Oh what the hell

Same dark hair, olive skinned, scairy ...


Occasional-Cortex is the progeny of the Democrats machinations. And much like Victor F's monster, it has come home to destroy them.
She is too loony-toons to endanger the Republican/Conservative (not always the same thing) side of the aisle, but has a firm grasp on insane Left of her Party.

Thanks, JK, that 'picture' was worth a thousand words.

Bob, that was more than just cryptic. Can you elucidate further?

Good comment, Kelly, and judging from a 'centrist' Dem blog I follow, the Dems appear to have no idea that the barbarians are at *their* back gate not Trump's front door!

It wasn't even cryptic, David. Cortez is a lefty from a lefty district. She doesn't represent the entire party, is not scary in any way, and isn't bad looking either.

Just for a little contrast, I'll introduce Cindy Hyde-Smith, who plays for the other team:

No Bob, I really can't agree.

I don't think she's particularly good looking.

Mind you by Dem standards she's not bad, somewhat easier on the eye than Hillbilly or Fauxahontas I'll grant you.

Luckily in Italy we are somewhat blessed (in appearance at any rate) with our female pols - I think it is the Berlusconi effect.

You do have some beauties in Italian politics, Jack. A past Minister for Equal Opportunity, Mara Carfagna, could be Cortez's sister:

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