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Sunday, 18 November 2018


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Ah, here's the beginnings of the Gaffer's turn! ...

"Courage, tenacity, stubbornness".

You'll be paying more tributes to our new queen, Theresa of Teflon, soon enough.

I whipped the curtains open this morning and it's a beautiful sunny day. I can hear the ripple of gunfire from the lads and lasses at the Pirbright ranges, readying Blighty for the next call of duty as the mist burns gently off the autumn gold wooded ridge of Deepcut.

Or is it the desultory musketry from yesterdays field of honour, as the wounded and dying defend themselves from the scavengers and bandits?

BoJo, missing in action. Rees-Mogg, dead. Corbyn, multiple amputee.

The victors: Spreadsheet Phil, the lad from the Logistics Corps who downed his iPad for Excalibur and went to the thick of the fighting, Michael "the Bastard" Gove, of this manor, like the Stanley's at Bosworth, choosing his side at the last moment to ensure his place in the victory, clinging to Queen Theresa of Teflon's blood spattered legs and leopardskin boots as she holds high the colours of Blighty: the valiant square of the victors.

The end of the beginning.

And now, the beginning of the end. The long march to Berlin.

Bout time y'all rallied to the colours, if I may say so? One behind Michael "the Bastard" Gove ain'to so bad, you'll have plenty of time to redeem yourselves on the bloody road to Berlin.

More of that anon (oh fucking no, please ... Ed).


Are you deaf and blind, SoD? Despite my constant requests and warnings you still seem unable to stop yourself from sounding like the sort of foul-mouthed yob you expect to see 'mouthing off' in a Public Bar. This is your final warning: One more swear word or crudity, SoD, and you will be banned!

Can someone do Britain a favor and dismiss Parliament? It seems to be in the way of a barely free people who demand self determination?

The fog of war, the thrill of battle, got carried away - sorry Gaffer!

The beginning of the end: Here's the plan ...

Immediately, before the ink is even dry on the deal: -

1. A huge marketing campaign to explain the benefits of the "new Switzerland of the world", namely Northern Ireland, to the global capital markets.

- "The only place in the world that has unfettered access to the EU single market and the UK single market and is inside both the UK and EU customs union".

- "The only place inside the EU that can utilize a low regulation services market, namely Great Britain i.e. mainland UK, for the 80% of manufacturing output that is actually services input."

- "The border is open, folks!" Huge encouragement of freedom of movement for EU migrant workers to move to the new manufacturing plants in Northern Ireland. Helps to lower, even further, the costs of NI manufacturing competing with EU manufacturing.

2. A huge political outreach campaign to the Scannies, Baltics, Ost Blokkers, and Club Medders - the resistance - to sustain, support and foment their growing rebellion against EU 1.0. and keep the Jerries and Froggies busy on the Nord, Ost, and Sud fronts.

- Get the Don involved and co-ordinate with him on unpicking the bonds between euro-states and the EU. Use him to say the unmentionable, as MI5/6 uses Bellingcat to launder out the dirt on FRB / GRU. You can imagine the Don announcing ...

"We would welcome any other EU exiteers into a single market with the US. So long as the US gets an exclusive energy supply deal and a guaranteed 2% spend on defence (equipment to be supplied exclusively by the US - thereby replacing any losses to defence sales from the fallout of US-Saudi relations)."

So Blighty working on the inside - bombing at night, so to speak - leveling Jerry manufacturing industries, and the Yanks working on the outside - bombing in daytime, so to speak - withering EU political will with the nation states.

I'd give EU 1.0 about five years max before it's game over.

Then EU 2.0 can be reconstituted under Anglo-spherical lines and joined to the great and good of the West forever.

Now don't tell me you don't want a piece of that action!


You might find this interesting. The Jim Jones thing is deeper and more sinister than just a cult gone bad.


Thanks, Michael, I did make an effort to read the long Wiki entry on the subject of Jones' cult and I did pick up the links with the democratic party which, of course, have been downplayed ever since although any 'Nazi' massacre of blacks is constantly retold!

I just got a thumbs up email from a dear old uni friend.

He's head honcho in the strategy and training department for a global Brit firm of corporate lawyers. There's an army of seasoned Brit lawyers chomping at the bit to get stuck into the deal's laissez-faire mainland Blighty status for services, and the NI "new Switzerland of the world" status for manufacturing.

We've got more lawyers than the EU and ours our better. By shifting the battle from politics to law the euros have made another mistake: they're outnumbered and outclassed on this new field of glory.


Cults like Jones', Applewhite's ( ), David Koresh's ( ) and the more mainstream like Mormonism, Scientology, Christian Science, and so forth are an inevitable consequence of "freedom of religion" in America.

Unlike Europe, which has a more unified history of what is recognized as religion, America is a free market. Any megalomaniac or sociopath with the ambition can hang out a shingle and claim to be the mouthpiece of a god. The effects aren't all bad, as our constitutional right also protects freethinking and has attracted freethinkers from all over the world.

Btw, SoD's writings on Brexit are more entertaining than Game of Thrones. It would be a mistake to ban him for using naughty words.

Ahoy AussieD! BOE ... David. Oh and heck SoD, you too.

I might suppose, the language in that cockpit was colorful.

G'day JK.

Now that would be an "Oh F---" moment if ever there was one. Pity he didn't have a radio as the conversation between pilot and ground control would have been priceless and probably played over and over again up to now.

Ummm ... Y'all remember back when David posted us about how "A Tit a Day is Healthy?"

Wayyylll ...

(Thank me later!)

Thankyou JK

Some fine looking top hampers there

Top bombing JK!


Those girls know what power is all about! They seem to learn early!

I'm going to feel healthy for a least a few weeks.

So Clausewitz said "Politics is war by other means".

If, for Clausewitz's isomorphism, you ever wanted to know what a rout on the battlefield is in politics, here it is ...

Can the Brexiteer rally in time for the final showdown, the vote in parliament, next month?

The moments of danger have not passed for Teflon Theresa just yet.


Rees-Mogg admits the Brexiteer "rebellion" was like Dad's Army (Google it, millennials and ex-colonials), with him as Captain Mainwaring ...

Well, what can one say about this?

1. Note the wartime connotation is not SoD-only. At least Rees-Mogg is vaguely aware of Clausewitz's isomorphism.

2. Did you really want this now self-confessed "We're sh*t, and we know are" bunch (I was quoting the old football terraces chant with a twist, plus I asterixed out the rude word, alright Gaffer?) actually running the country? Truly frightening.

I see the Spanish have thrown a last minute spanner in the works with Gibraltar. Now that would be funny, watching a bunch of Dad's Army characters begging the Spanish - who they've been brawling with over the Rock for centuries - to help them get a hard Brexit from the EU!

You just couldn't make this up.


At last, the MSM catches up D&N: -

Quote ...

Downing Street has released a video clip which shows senior figures in the Northern Irish business community endorsing her deal.

This is interesting because it puts them directly at odds with the loudest political voice in Northern Ireland - the DUP - that says the deal is totally acceptable.

Northern Irish business appear to have accepted the prime minister's reassurance that being in a separate regulatory regime from the rest of the UK will not create trade barriers.

The "dual status" of Northern Ireland - having free access to both UK and EU markets - could even make the region more attractive to investors than other parts of the UK.

... Unquote

The Proddy capitalists have sussed Teflon Theresa's "new Switzerland of the world" gift to them!

Right now those capitalists will be wheeling out torture equipment from Billy's dungeons and applying them to the DUP's private parts and all other parts!

A top of the morning to yez!


Gawd, as it sinks in, what a genius manoeuvre!

I mean Boney and the Iron Duke will be giving a cheery thumbs up, up there, or down there (more likely) or wherever they are.

She's got those DUP votes in the bag!

The euros took their eye off the ball in their frenzy to damage Teflon T in NI, when all the while she was leading them into a trap! They exposed EU industry to a battering from an unregulated competitor, and, at the same time, granted TT the votes to get her deal signed off in the H of P!

This truly is an epic.


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