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Sunday, 04 November 2018


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Ugh...some 'great power' has moved the hour hand over night. I wish for the time to be left alone!

You would take a move to Indiana, Whitewall.

No comment on your prediction until the 7th, David.

Indiana has daylight savings time too, and it's just as annoying and worthless here.

The only comment on the upcoming elections is that Republicans in general and Trump supporters in particular have more reason to be shy than British Conservative supporters did in 1992, and enough of the latter voted to cause a Conservative victory despite the polls. Whether there will be enough shy Republicans to confound the polls is the $64,000 question, but there will be a fair few.

Not when I lived there, Bob. But then that was much, much before 2006.

Bring back hanging. An ideal subject for a referendum, or, as we say now-a-days, a "People's Vote"

I think B. Hussein Obama is perplexed by his legacy.


When I lived in Indianapolis there was no DST. What you missed by leaving before the implementation was each county choosing to go to Eastern or Central time depending on whether it was more important to sync up with Detroit or Chicago. That led to some counties of one being surrounded by time zones of the other. Eventually compromises were reached. It wasn't worth the trouble.

Move over, Faux-cahontas, you've got competition ...

Och be Jaysus, maaaaan.


SoD, Lennon's parents are Irish:

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