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Tuesday, 13 November 2018


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I saw a part of a video of someone fleeing the wildfire in their car. Couldn’t watch it to the end.

Every year California is plagued with wildfires and in the fall, Santa Ana winds make everything worse. We had a lot of family in central and southern Ca. at one time and they migrated back here after so much development and so many fire seasons. The recent Redding fire took the family business of the last hold outs. At the end of the school year they are coming back here too.

There are currently 13 fires in Calif.
If you zoom out you can see them all. Trump is right-bad forest management. I lived there in SoCal for many years and everyone knows that is a problem but nobody wants to "spoil nature" Yea, so your house gets burned down. Eejits.
Unlike Solomon's wife, when I left I did not look back.

Dear Miss Red, I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear from you again! I know you had difficulty getting through after the last Typepad glitch and I was about to e-mail you to check things out - but here you are, back again in all your glory - be still my beating heart! In the meantime, Mr. Ross Clark at The Coffee House has some interesting facts and figures concerning forest fires 'over there':

Might want to bookmark that David, set it aside chipmunk style for when Bob comes along with some warming.

An amazing photograph.

Bushfires [a.k.a wildfires] are a phenomenon only too familiar to those of us who live in southern Oz.

Nobody who has not been up close and personal to one can really understand the ferocity and menace of them.

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