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Thursday, 08 November 2018


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You've never been more right (in the good sense), David. The USA is extremely big and complicated. It's already something like the EU that will eventually exist no matter how much you hate the idea. So by necessity I'll pick a single point about which to quibble.

Trump is the GOP. In fact he's the culmination of at least five decades' worth of their political efforts. He's the baby of Nixon (whom he most resembles), G. Gordon Liddy, Roy Cohn and the rest of the Nixon bunch, Reagan's handlers, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Roger Stone, Frank Luntz, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing donor class and hundreds of like operators that built a reality bubble that's not "conservative" in any way. The unintended consequence of the bubble being sustained by PR and media was that a talented, media-savvy demagogue shanghaied the operation.

You're also astute in noting the GOP has been none too concerned with political philosophy or actual governance. Their only real goal has been to coddle those at the very top of the income and power scale, usually so they have a chance to join them. The odd Republican like Jeff Flake who squeaks about the state of affairs is given the bum's rush. ( )

Oh dear, Bob, I guess your Xmas card list will even shorter this year!

Trump until recently was a Democrat. He knows the inner workings of that breed. He is certainly no solution to our problems...he is a symptom. The root of many of our problems can be laid at the feet of the traditional 'Elites' of our society in all their haunts including politics. There was always an unwritten bargain between them and the average non elite voters that the functions of our government class, academia, media etc. would maintain traditions that are the backbone of what it means to be American. Most all of us were on board. 'Jacksonian America' would thrive and the Elites would manage the nations affairs to that end. Things began to go off the rails post WW2 and especially in the 1960s. As DC sucked up more and more power from the States and individuals, we started getting 'professional' bureaucrats running things. Jacksonian America has never liked bureaucrats and vice versa. Off we go.

I notice that the EU Trash cares little for Britain and they care little for their own common people that make things work. Similar here with what the Dem party has become and its adopted attitude toward us Normals. Trash loves other Trash and we see headlines:

Trump is a fighter and a counter puncher for us Jacksonian Normals. He will begin the fight before the rest of us will eventually have to finish it. Trump is maybe the most imperfect and unlikely of leaders, but he is exposing the 'Elite Class' for what they are.

Seems the dems are as sore about winning as they are at losing. Ask Tucker Carlson.

"Mittens" Romney lost to Obama in 2008 because he was so out of touch with the real problems of this country that he couldn't convince people to vote against the worst President we've had since James Buchanan (who was responsible for our Civil War).

Trump thrashed the other contenders for the Republican nomination by speaking to normal Americans in language that they understood, addressing issues that affected their lives. He told jokes that they understood with the added benefit that they offended our "betters".

Yes, I vaguely remember being less than impressed with Romney back in the day! Even so, if 'The Donald' does blow up, so to speak, then perhaps the GOP need to pick a more emollient candidate for the next election.

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