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Monday, 12 November 2018


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Reading University has exactly the same kind of illiberal hacks in charge as too many US universities have. A complete dumbing down of faculty, staff and finally students. The same sort of people seem to find their way into government jobs where they conjure up 'protective' programs and other nanny state notions. College graduates of today might very well complete their educations without ever being confronted with any ideas contrary to their expensive multi year brain washing.

Now go forth and function in the real world!

Duffers be thankful that your time tunnel is a long one and that with kind providence there is, hopefully, still some distance to the end of it.

Well at least the students have got the right attitude to university lectures ...

Mumbling douche-bags with an over-inflated opinion of themselves and a salary to go with it. Completely overtaken by the modern age. A near total waste of time and money.

Think about what that lecture actually was: A talk about marking techniques. Wtf? Why couldn't that simply have gone on a website years ago with the questions and answers all there in the comments from the first year once and once only for future years to read? No-no-no that won't do, say the academics, I need my salary to stand there and drone on about the same old thing I did last year for the rest of my working life until I draw my gold plated pension.

Best give 'em the middle finger and stay tucked up in bed with whoever you're tucked up in bed with and head down the battle-cruiser about half eleven for breakfast.


"two or more absences will lead to a meeting with the welfare team. "

Two or more absences will lead to chucking out - and payment of the current years tuition fees. Should solve the problem.

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