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Thursday, 20 December 2018


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Sooooooo, the moral is only lefties lie and traffic violations are of a level with the PM's incompetence?

Spot on, Bob!

She looks as if she knows she's not going to get to the toilet on time.

Pols and driving the world over!

Is it #METOO or #WHOME ?

women 'pols' are no better than the men! Ahh, but Diversity!

Defence, one of the 30% of things left to Blighty's "stupid men" and "stupid women", aka Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks, that the EU doesn't do for us, that you'd expect with all that extra time on their hands they'd have attended to, but no. Another Westminster negligence cock-up ...

And you want Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks to take back control of the other 70%?


Aaah, wait a minute.

What happens if I crack the code?

Will you have to send someone to chop me up, dissolve me in acid, and flush me down the crapper!

I'd much rather Novichok, if you don't mind. One last acid trip (of the hallucinogenic not disolving variety) to remind me of "the good ol' bad ol' days", and then blissful oblivion.


There look, JK's got me so excited with his "puzzle Friday" I put the last comment in the wrong post.

Should be in the Jack Reacher post.


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