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Wednesday, 19 December 2018


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For you David Duff,

Particularly for you David. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Crikey, JK! That looks a bit like my loft! And my best wishes to you and yours for an excellent Xmas.

Like your loft eh?

You ever wonder at how the Brazilian ladies volleyball team got so er, nimble?

They get their start as librarians!

David, my wife is an enthusiastic Agatha Christie reader. I warned her about your opinions, but she still wants to try a Lee Child book.

JK, that judge in New York seemed kinda P.O.ed about Flynn's lawyers bringing administration talking points into his courtroom, huh?

Well Bob,

I don't expect you kept up with the 'hows & whys' the Fara allegation was brought out on account of, the until the previous day's missing 302 got "magically inserted" into what Judge Sullivan had ordered into the Court's records back just after Judge Contreas was removed from the case [Feb 18] when it became known he (Contreas) along with his wife and Strzok and Strzok's then wife enjoyed monthly dinners at a fine DC restaurant?

You note either Bob, the IG's team protesting to Judge Sullivan that, "No no your Honor, so long as Flynn [shuts the hell up about Gummit malfeasance and] keeps the plea, we'll just let that stuff slide?

And Judge Sullivan did after all, apologize for his outburst or did you fail to notice that too Bob?

Dan Abrams (a guy you'd hardly expect ... being as he is a regular on ABC and MSNBC) surely did:

Gots to be paying attention with this stuff Bob, oodles and boodles of twists and turns to come yet.

You will be delighted to know that titchy Tom Cruise won't be playing big bad Jack in the next Reacher film. The studio has finally admitted the ridiculous casting and is looking for a big bruiser for the role. Any ideas?

Sam, it's obvious, our very own 'JK' is the man to take over the role! Actually, I don't think any film version of the yarns will work. The books leave it to your own imagination to provide the images which allows the ridiculous to seem real, where-as on a screen the absurdities grow.


Judge Sullivan supposedly has a reputation for being hard on bad actors in government, and no one can blame him for being put out with Flynn's lawyers trying to be cute. If you were paying attention you might have noticed the judge made Flynn admit he knowingly lied and was not in any way trapped or tricked. The "treason" comments were probably over the top, but we don't know everything the judge knows. I'll leave the Strozk conspiracy theorizing to others.


You ever been in a court where a plea deal was up for either a "Yes Judge" or a "No Judge" where the Judge doesn't make damn sure (sometimes shortened to doing the i's and the t's) the defendant knows what s/he's agreeing or not agreeing to?


Well I have - once. And you know what happened Bob?

That Judge got reversed on review - later to be removed from the bench.

True the poor guy was just warming a seat at the municipal level and should probably never stood for the bar in the first place but that's beside the point - the point being no Judge at the federal level will "just skip" a judicial process requirement.

And far as you asserting, "we don't know everything the judge knows" well yes in this particular case Bob we actually do, or at least I do. I read the transcript. You might try that Bob, reading transcripts I mean - it'll keep you from making silly assertions.

Oh. One more thing Bob - Any clue as to why Judge Sullivan, having got all the i's dotted and the t's crossed took the extraordinary step of putting the sentencing off to March?


I've given some thought to, and "cleared" with some of the fellows I used to 'do stuff with' (we communicate regularly ... matter of fact this here D&N only came to my attention a'cause of the way what we used to have to do took some finessing - you [Bob] can if you wish, being the smartypants NASA guy who probably always in your line of work got to show up wearing a tie (if you wanted to) and nobody woulda thought you "putting on airs" ... but not everybody doing government work enjoyed that luxury. Anyway Bob you can look into how it came to my attention this here D&N was gonna be, would very likely to be, the sort of place I'd want to be hanging around. ... Excepting the fact that, rather than a few fellows such as the esteemed (and rightfully so) Navy guy AussieD (arriving some time after I did) might could be given the leeway by our fellows for, hanging out with a bunch of Paras. In spite of the considerable risk to our reputations.

At any rate - that methodology which brought to my attention D%N: Steganography across the Blogosphere. I don't know they still teach that as a regular course but it was useful for staving off Alzheimers until easier encryptions became de rigeur for even crossword puzzle solvers. Of the internet variety.

Anyway Bob, though you'll be forgiven if you skipped all that above (you'll receive your reward in Heaven) Anyway, here's a message I sent to the buddies of mine conversationally:


Here is my theory about what happened at the January 2017 interview. Flynn likely didn't want to openly discuss the conversation with two FBI agents with uncertain clearances. Remember, this interview was requested and granted on the same day, and at McCabe's urging, done without lawyers, both personal and Executive level. Flynn had no reason to assume either agent had the requisite clearances to hear the details of this conversation coming from Flynn himself. Even if Flynn had reason to suspect the agents had heard the conversations through wiretaps, he would still be opening himself to danger by discussing the conversation with the agents. I think Flynn probably finessed the issue by ignoring certain questions or delicately answering them obliquely - all to avoid discussing classified details with potentially under-clearanced personnel. I bet the original notes and the 302 reflected this approach. In other words, Flynn never lied, but instead simply didn't answer the questions directly.


That Bob was what the state of my "wondering" was BEFORE the appropriate 302 got into [public] evidence. I hope you can discern at least some little bit of why maybe, I could have been a person concerned.

I'm not and never was, unlike yourself Bob, a Rocket-Scientist.


Are you saying you used D&N as a "Dropbox" for clandestine goings-on!

That's bloody exciting!

Are you allowed to let us know an example from the archives? And maybe going a step too far, but what the resulting "clandestine goings-on" was?

Don't tell me Gulf War 2 all kicked off after a visit to Barney McGroo & Co up in "them thar hills" and a fumbled message left in the D&N comments at 2:04am!!!

Btw, I see Mad Dog has gone ...

For all your (and our) efforts the US has lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. It's emboldened Vlad and MBS. And it's broken the alliance of the West.

But more than all that, it's made me look like a tit. The "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" clandestine strategy I deduced must be Trump's plan, "Push the allies a little further away and the enemies a little closer, to persuade the enemies they are friends so they lower their guard - which makes stabbing them in the back in a grande finale later so much easier", was a deduction too far.

Trump is going to dump the Kurds. He's dumping NATO. Blighty, Europe, Oz et al are equals with Vlad and MBS "in the base court".

Is that really what you and Jack Reacher stood and stand for? Nowt more than a sort of "GRU over the pond"?


Right, the penny is slowly dropping!

So JK, the rather cryptic comments we thought were "Barney McGroo's work" are actually cryptic for a real reason - they're, errr, encrypted!

Something like: Take the date of the comment, and count the number of words into the comment for each number in the date, string those words together, and hey presto - there's the real message!

Let me have a look back in the archives and try it out ...


Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute! The puzzle is really coming together now!

This one's a shocker! So obvious, why didn't I see it after all these years?

Drum roll, crescendo, and crash of cymbals ...


The bloke in the office with the desk job and tie. The bloke out in the field, dipping jet wings in the brine and doing the dangerous stuff, and the snarky, prickly comments of handler and agent that cloaked the secret messages betwixt the two!

Cover blown chaps!


JK, Mother will have questions for you. SoD, SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

That was about the time we switched to a whole 'nother set of blogs.

"Trump is going to dump the Kurds. He's dumping NATO. Blighty, Europe, Oz et al are equals with Vlad and MBS "in the base court"."

Calm down SoD. Don't you remember just a week or so ago Macron was gonna kit up an Army all for all ya'll?

We'll still be selling him as many F-35s as he desires and hell, we probably could be convinced to transfer the titles to if not all, at least the LCS's Germany supplied the turbines for.

And France and Germany do still have submarines. ... They do still have submarines don't they?

And hell, kitting up an infantry force oughtta be easy peasy, usually the hard part is getting a biggish part of the local "native population" who are fluent in the languages of the theaters in which y'a'll might be expected to operate. That from here don't look like much of a problem.

Of course there'll be the occasional hitch here an there:

But those piddling instances can probably be quickly fixed by Brussels giving ya'll the proper instruction on how to be nicer to the peoples who just want to come and share in the bounty.

Why didya switch blogs?

I bet it was that Sexy Alexey, he put in (geddit!) his first appearance around that time. Was he on to you?! So you had to change the dead-drop?

He's Richard's mate, and Richard was a "secret squirrel" as we used to call them, and the Gaffer was in the Intelligence Corps (mmm, I know), so have I, the lowly "dope on a rope", stumbled into a twisted nest of espionage?!

S'pose I'll have to wait 60 years to find out.


As for Trump, the Kurds, and Brussels, I hear what you say.

If Blighty could be the founding Father of the new defence ministry in Brussels, provide the biggest commitment, launder the Jerry guilt out of a few Panzer divisions by sticking stars on a blue background on them and making the CO a Brit (a bit like those Hanoverian and KGL units in the Peninsular and Waterloo), run the EU's defence show and become the regional policeman, that would shore up the situation.

If Israel and MBS (ouch, yuk, holding my nose, but hey-ho) can do likewise in the ME, and if the Japs and South Koreans can step up to the plate while Kim Wrong-Un is all dithery and complexed.

Then the US can square up to the Chinese, unencumbered with pesky regional policing chores.

That does actually make a lot of sense.

Hear that everyone?! JK's a REMAINER!!!


Wha!?! SoD?

You haven't looks like, visited Malcolm's for a few days ave ye?

Or LB's?

And do bear in mind, the Chinee gots to do his security for his Belt Road that's passing though to Karachi so, with the Afghani Taliban freed from having to watch out for our drones (so much) ol' Ji can take care of the security situation near his Aynak rare earths mine too. All by his lonesome. Win win.

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