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Monday, 17 December 2018


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Take heart, David. Some things don't change. For example, I shant soon abandon my mission to troll you. The news is eye-stabbingly tedious, is it? The phrase could well come to mind simply because the news is filled with the endlessly varying mayhem and reversals that define "news". SoD's idea Mrs. May is some great political genius seems far-fetched, but so does yours that she's 'stoopid'. It could just be that Brexit was always too much of a reach, the world would never become larger and less connected again, and neither Horatio Nelson nor Winston Churchill's roles would be filled by the current lot of you.

'Over here' the various investigations aren't just about the corruption, incompetence and criminality of the current administration. They have more to do with America finding priorities in shifting global circumstances. The situation is much the same in Europe. We hope Churchill was correct that "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else." We should also hope against hope we have now tried everything else.

Bob, I never look upon you as a troll - sometimes a minor irritant but that's all!

That's what a 'Bob' version of a troll is. Making your head explode would be too easy. Head destruction by a thousand minor irritations ... bwaaa, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Look at this pathetic Trot ...

Jeez, what a wanker.


"Minor irritant"? You have tickets on yourself Bob. You have several grades/levels to go before you hit "minor".

Things are really wacky in the UK apart from St.Theresa of May. According to a news item here the Brighton and Hove Council have decided school children will be taught that "all genders" can have periods in new sex education lessons.

Peak stupid has arrived.


“Jeez, what a wanker.” Shoulnk’t that be “Jez, what a wanker.”?

By the by, you’ve actually said something that I agree with. 👍😁

Can you Adam and Eve it? ...

Tube train drivers on £60-70k, 43 days a year holiday, 36 hour week, retire at 60.

The tube trains drive themselves so all the "driver" has to do is press the button to open the doors.

And they're going on strike in the week before Xmas thereby screwing the retail industry. Why? Because one of them failed a drug test 3 times and is being sacked.

Feeling physically sick yet?

Well if not, you will be. You can expect a whole lot more of this to the point of it being "the new normal" if Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks take exclusive control of the train set.

Set the clock back to 1970 why don't you?


AussieD, name a more minor troll.


Oh dearie me! No booze and no caffeine. Might this be a good time for you to start an illegal drug habit? Just a thought...


Dad's Army indeed ...

The farce that knows no bounds.


"Brexit will be good for us because the suffering will bring back British values"

Contender for the role of Captain Mainwaring in this Dad's Army re-make with 65m extras?

And if that's Dad's Army up and running, what will the Bolsheviks do?

A Gulag in Zummerzet?


Ah, your NBF enters the fray ...

Vlad the Brexiteer!

Love his assessment of democracy ...

“Was it not a referendum?” he said. “Someone disliked the result, so repeat it over and over? Is this democracy? What then would be the point of the referendum in the first place?”

Just like the chappie with the pencil moustache, "Elect me once - and then we cancel elections".

"Someone disliked the result" is exactly why we have more than one election - doh, Vlad!

A close 48/52 split has precedent for asking the voters again in Blighty's democracy. Mid-government we have confidence votes when the house is closely divided, like the one we just had, which can remove the executive and cause an election.


So if we have a repeat referendum and the 'Remainers' win 52/48, should we have a third referendum and if not, why not?

We could have one every 5 years alongside the election, if you want.

Or if that's too much, I'd say any referendum should come as a pair. The second one comes after the true consequences of the first one are exposed following the real negotiations or other preparations, and not just the BS of the political campaigns of the first. "Double-tap democracy", if you like.

Gives people a chance to validate the first referendum or change their minds when the facts and truths will out.

Claiming that repeating elections is undemocratic is a single statement contradiction, worthy only of the stupidest of "stupid women" and "stupid men", and anti-democratic pols like Vlad, the pencil moustachioued one, and hard Brexiteers.


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