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Thursday, 20 December 2018


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"Weather stops plastic waste car reaching South Pole". That's right blame it on the weather!

So, the Greenies achieve the pinnacle of environmental vandalism. A zero-use plastic item.

Surely the tried and tested Mk 1 Husky and sled (imported from the Yukon) would still be the best means of transport for this kind of thing. Huskies are environmentally friendly too and, joy of joys, include zero plastic.

Gotta laugh at these wankers.

Back in 2013 a ship load of green idiots set out to prove that the ice on the Antarctic Continent was shrinking. They got stuck in ice way off their intended destination and had to be rescued. An epic fail.

Now this lot have just added to the list of green idiots.

Anyone who has been deep south in the Southern Ocean knows that the weather can be crap and the ice is far from shrinking and Antarctica is bloody cold. I've never been on the Antarctic Continent but been close to it and that is more than enough.

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