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Saturday, 29 December 2018


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Will they 'git their man'? I imagine that with all their getting, they will end up getting themselves. We put Trump in office to churn and disrupt and expose the entire political/media class which is what he is doing. We didn't send him to get along either. The man was born to fight and he knows the makings of his collective enemy because at one time he was an approved member of the 'other side'. They came as supplicants asking for his money which he gladly gave them all the while knowing exactly what these supplicants were made of. He hasn't forgotten.

If there was anything serious to find we'd have heard about it long ago. The ramping up of hysteria is usually a sign of desperation not confidence.
I note that Trump spent the mid-terms campaigning for Senate seats rather than House ones, and was rewarded by an increased Senate majority, this time wIth at least three fewer flakes. This should make appointments to both the judiciary and the department's of state easier, even as loss of the house makes other things harder.
I anticipate some changes in personnel once the new Senate is seated.

"the 'yuuuuuge' cost of his 'investigation'"

Please. Kenneth Starr spent more than 6 years on the Whitewater investigation, which meandered all over the map before coming up with a charge against Bubba for lying under oath about getting his knob polished. Cost: $70 million.

Republicans investigated Benghazi for 3 years at a cost of over $10 million and came up with nothing but to lower Clinton's approval ratings, which was the intent from the beginning.

Other less-than-thrifty Republicans just ended their year long investigation, and failed distration, into the handling of DoJ and FBI probes of Hillary’s emails and Trump’s Russia ties. They won't issue a report and the price tag probably won't be known until next year. Whatever it is, it will be more taxpayer money spent on partisan political propaganda.

In comparison the Mueller investigation has cost about $17 million but so far issued more than 100 criminal counts against dozens of people and 3 companies resulting in 5 convictions. Surely even you can see the difference, David.

In speculating about Trump's fate, you have to factor in the quality of the opposition. They, without exception, are a bunch of plonkers.

As to Mueller, I think that Trump hasn't sacked him because he knows that Mueller is hollowing out the opposition. No evidence of collusion has been found, but plenty of evidence of FBI/DoJ/CIA corruption. Trump just sits back and lets Mueller get on with it.

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