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Friday, 28 December 2018


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"Who holds them accountable? No one. They have nothing to fear."
The ultimate goal of the Elite Global Ruling Class.

The heads of state of the 28 choose them and hold them accountable.

So do independent committees appointed to conduct investigations into improprieties, as when the entire EU Commission resigned en masse ...

Here's one for your viewing delectation on New Year's Eve ...

You bang on about everyone hating Blighty and Brits, when in fact the great majority of the world - ex-colonials and ex-empire natives alike - have great affection for us - see article.

Is it a displaced self-loathing, I wonder? That your generation was so inadequate Blighty had to be shored up by Europe and bailed out by the IMF (results 1945-75), when prior generations were so capable and Blighty shored up Europe (results 1815, 1914-18, 1939-45); has that complexed you in some way?

And then there's the "Blighty stood alone" Dad's Army bluster. Even the Jerries snigger at that, they know the Rooskies and Yanks defeated them with Blighty in support - see article. And the rest are too polite to let the snigger show.

And then there's the "EU is like Nazi Germany" Dad's Army bluster. As Jews run for cover from Blighty to Europe to escape anti-Semitism, anyone and everyone from Africa, the ME, and Asia risks their lives getting to the EU, they must wonder wtf the Brits are on with a statement like that - see article.

The truth is Brexit is something of a perversion. It's sick. A sickness in a certain genre of people in Blighty.

It can't be seen in the mirror. I don't think trying to "see ourselves as others see us" will help either.

Speaking as someone cured, the cure only comes when you stop thinking as the collective and start thinking as the individual.

But try telling that to the generation of Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks.


Sick ...

Sick ...


Well. How dare the BBC leave us out.

What elite EU indoctrination unit did SOS go to?
I have to say that it did a really effective job.
We must employ to try to persuade the remoaners that things will be fine after the end of the world.

SOD autocorrect gone wrong again.

You must remember Tom, that SoD is from the planet Zog.

"What elite EU indoctrination unit did SOS go to?"

A corridor at work between the kitchen and my desk, and the tail end of a conversation with B., a colleague from Portugal, actually.

In the midst of the Euro currency crisis, with Dave Cam and Georgie Osborne at the helm, Blighty growing at 3.2%, the pound, strong as-you-like, the deficit in free-fall, inflation near zero.

The turning point ...

SoD: "Can't you see what the EU and Germans are doing with the Euro, it's the fourth Reich?! They want to make you a province of the Fatherland, like Saxony or Bavaria."

B: "What you don't understand is that Portugal has corruption, negligent governance, and incompetent leadership endemic in the constitution and culture of the political class in Portugal. We, the 3rd estate, the individuals, look UP to the EU and it's Germanic leadership as a better level of governance. I wouldn't mind being a province of EU / Germany if it turned my country around.

You in Britain seem to have a sound polity and political culture. So you look DOWN on the EU as an inferior system.

But I do recall that there was a time when your polity and political culture was a shambles, so much so your people smelt the home grown coffee - and joined the EU.
And in the 40 years since the rules and regs have kept your governance on the straight and narrow, so you've progressed and prospered. So much so you can look down on the average level of polity and political culture in the EU states who are still in the process of adopting the rules and regulations.

But are really so sure that the achievements of the last 40 years are due to British governance, or are they due to the 70% that was taken off your hands and delivered by Brussels?

But things may change. Maybe this thing called Brexit will happen and you'll get the chance to see what your home grown constitution and pols can do for you.
I'll venture to suggest you might change your mind yet again - are they really any better than they were in 1975?"

I returned to my desk and put the "look like you're working" screen saver on while I stared into space and churned.

And that's when I turned.


Btw, last I heard B. is now IT Director of a successful fast growing media company currently looking to relocate to the EU in the event of no deal.

Meanwhile, yours truly is still grubbing around picking up hands-on IT contracts in the Thames Valley.

There's a moral that story, but damned if I can see it.


"And the rest are too polite to let the snigger show". I don't know of any 'sniggering' among Allied nations. I do know of some 'sniggering' done by those of a later generation who are free to do so, emphasis on 'free'. This generation that can't even whack up enough know how and why to bother to marry and start families to preserve the freedom and cultural heritage paid for by "Dad's Army".

It is all fine and good to be successful at all the systems and functions of modern life. But it is not at all fine to let that be the sum of one's life.
A generation of people who end up trying to bask in the glow of 'the mechanics' of living will come up very empty as a result. The EU represents form but no substance. Therefore it must import a laboring/baby making class. The EU has no culture to offer or preserve.


There are only two ways for a couple wanting to start a family in the UK ...

1. Dual very high income earners (or a million in the bank)
2. Do the minimum and live off benefits

Nothing in the middle works.

So the middle is dying out, as you rightly say, and the gap between bottom and top widens.


Several reasons ...

1. Instead of building up funds for their retirement, the 1945-75 generation blew it in their lifetime. But the current middle generation has to pay for the contractual pension obligations of the 1945-75 generation now.

2. The unreconstructed British state: Social services, state education, health service, police, armed forces, etc.. The job that Maggie couldn't complete before the 1945-75 generation stabbed her in the back. A mill stone of low productivity and efficiency which the middle pays for.

3. The "do the minimum and live of benefits" class of chavdom: Also paid for by the middle.

Middle couples are faced with an enormous risk if they attempt to raise a family. One bit of bad luck, one false step, and the "safety net" is a descent into chavdom: Shit schools, social services who'll hand your daughter over to Asian rape gangs if you stumble and falter, a health service that speaks for itself if your kid has issues. And no control of these services on your part. Unless you've got dual high income earnings or a million in the bank you'd be mad to go for a family in the UK.

So yes, you are right, Blighty must import a labouring / baby-making class, and has done. But they won't be sticking around for long now the price of labour is rising in their homelands where the above 3 issues are not issues. You don't want them to stick around anyway, so all's good from your perspective then.

Not disagreeing with you for once, but maybe filling out some thoughts and attitudes from the middle that you might not have heard or want to hear.



The problems of 'the middle' aren't unique to the UK, nor can they necessarily be blamed on any single class of political actors, though all sides try to take advantage. Since the 1980's there have been huge changes in manufacturing technology and international business (not just trade) that have almost exclusively benefited the very few positioned to exploit them. Thus income disparity and the more tenuous grasp on a decent life.

The fertility rates in both the US and UK rank in the bottom 30% despite the influx of immigrants. We're going through something like Russia did after the fall of the Soviet Union; social destabilization and stress on a major scale. The political unrest is only a symptom, be it Brexit, the election of Trump or the emergence of nationalism everywhere. We might agree the most dangerous is the need for stability expressed as support for authoritarianism.

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