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Friday, 14 December 2018


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I remember writers with TAS telling voters back then that if the Clintons were ever allowed in power we would never be rid of them.

You should demand your money back, David. In the first place, while Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives, he was found not guilty in the Senate. It did not bring him down. He finished his term.

In the second place there's this:

Third, bringing up impeachment at the moment is bad timing for Republican flacks.

Not at all Bob, the Senate as you say.

Nothing demoralizes the troops like waste.

I remember somebody nicknamed Clinton-Gore the 'good ole boy' ticket. Some called them 'Commie-Bore'. It stuck as the American left was a bit demoralized after the fall of the USSR.

I had the good(?) fortune to work in the US in the mid 80s and was advised that “Democrats” were slightly to the right of “Conservatives” and “Republicans” were to the right of “Democrats”. Didn’t take long for things to change!

Yo DD, might you cross the lane, climb the church steeple, look east, climb down, recross the lane, climb up to your garret, log back into your typepad account and report back what you've seen?

Canada's 'Boy PM' too I believe. Damn fools!

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