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Tuesday, 18 December 2018


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If fools mess with your tea too often, there is always this:

Dear Duffers, there are always these:
And they work quite well even with delicate disintegrating tea bags.
Lordy, sometimes you really love a moan, eh? ;)

More bad news I am afraid. When I got up this morning, it was raining. It is still raining. Given that the wind is from the south west, I am afraid that this Cornish rain is going to be overhead Zummerset soon.

Thanks, Whiters, that looks like an interesting post to which I will return in due course.

No, no, dear Miss Red, you must understand that all that sort of thing is for the upper classes. I am 'a chuck in three spoons of sugar followed by a teabag followed by boiling water and a splash of milk' sort of a chap. Nothing refined about me, alas!

Thank you, BOE, it is indeed raining here in 'zunny Zummerzet', still, it's what gives us our lovely complexions - sorry, did you say something?

Oh dear, and here is me trying to bring some decorum. Never mind. Go ahead and moan about the tea leaves stuck between your teeth. I am sure you can find a wheat straw lying around Zummerset.

I'm a coffee man, not a tea man, although alumni of the University of Texas are called "Teasips." Nevertheless, from time to time, I like a bit of tea, NO SUGAR, DAMMIT!The wife and daughter drink a couple of liters of tea every day, but they do sweeten it. AACK! So, I use a bag, Twinings, Earl Grey, thank you. It is ever so slightly sweet. and hot, and has less caffeine than coffee, which makes little sense to me. French for decaf is "why bother." When I can, I keep some loose-leaf tea on hand, and a couple of infusers, and they work great. Better tea, and much cheaper than the bags. I realize that you are not getting out much these days to do any shopping, but send Loz. I think you'll find that you like the infusers better, a preference that will continue even after you are able to drink it straight again.

And, where in Hell did someone get the idea that paper in tea bags is not biodegradable? I find the little staples from the strings on the bags in my finely deteriorated compost, and no other signs of any bag.

What do they make from recycled plastic? Chinese millionaires.So much for that ecology crap! Now, go drink your tea, and get well. I'm tired of the whining.

Tea...sugar, milk...good grief! Drink the tea plain, that's what it's for! Same with coffee.

Loose leaf is always best. Though less convenient.

A kid of your's Bob?

Or ... at least somebody you know? Reason I ask ...

Tea? I could never understand the fetish of drinking something that looks, and probably tastes, like dishwater. Coffee is only marginally better.


You'll probably not be surprised I've met a lot of engineers who are driven by obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). That guy has it bad.


Those not ruled by irrational resentments would like to believe they're doing something good for the planet and its people - as long as it's convenient, anyway. Those who make stuff but mostly those who market it are keenly aware. So, voila, cheaper materials for tea bags. They fall apart and that's the point. As Michael F Adams mentions above, the bags were always biodegradable, just not so obviously. The consumer feels good watching the bag disintegrate and profit margins rise; a win win! As usual, your animosity is misplaced. Btw, if sales drop, they'll go back to the old bags in a heartbeat.

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