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Sunday, 02 December 2018


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These riots in France began as a protest against the new fuel tax to address the 'climate change' scam I think. People are wise to this wealth transfer from working people to government. I'm guessing opportunistic anarchist groups are now participating in the riots. Sometimes anarchists give governments the best excuse to exert power.

ANDREW MCCARTHY: "Special Counsel Mueller is building a report, not a case."

The cadaverous Kraut is protecting the DC governing class. Democrats know, along with Senator Jeff Flake, that this sort of thing will never happen to them.

This is how we got Trump and will get more or more like him in the future. It is necessary.

Dershowitz has been busy keeping himself in front of TV cameras. His current ploy is conflating the actual events uncovered by Mueller with a supposed search for "collusion". At the same time he's also on the other side of the issue:

The newest public info about the investigation is explained here:

Bob, I don't think Dershowitz indulges in 'ploys'. He strikes me as a very genuine Liberal intellectual with a deep respect and knowledge of the law.

David, that might be because you don't live in the US, where Dershowitz is something of a media darling. He can be a serious intellectual and a publicity hound at the same time. There have been others like him; Gerry Spence for example. Great lawyers know how to use the media to control the public perception of big cases and keep their own fees at a premium.

Maybe Master Will wrote "The Rape Of Lucretia" while hiding in a priest hole?

Bugger it Whitewall my screen is now covered in sprayed Guiness.

Given the proclivities of "men of the cloth" in past times of not being exactly celibate you may need to define "priest hole".

Oops! Sorry!
Maybe a capital 'P' would have helped?

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