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Sunday, 30 December 2018


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Well it is odd that just about all of us in the West worry about the capability of our respective armed forces against external threats. All the ships, planes, bombs and bullets combined can't change the fact that the Enemy of the West is already within each one of us and has grown stronger over the last few generations. The more disparate people we let in, the stronger this Enemy becomes. Without commonality there will be no comity. Bad ideology and bad policy run by a corrupt self dealing political class that seems Hell bent on cultural destruction as a virtue.

Wow. You realize tech has changed communications in fundamental ways. What's next, acceptance of human influence on climate?

Big changes have happened before, but that doesn't mean they're all equal. The industrial revolution played with our heads, but it wasn't specifically designed to play with our heads. There's a lot of sport made here about the Russian influence on the last American presidential election. All it displays is an incomplete understanding of how it worked.

It turns out that about 40% of what's on the internet is fake stuff being performed by bots (software robots). The best news reporting done on the subject recently was done by the NYT, which shall not be directly linked here. So, the American Libertarian magazine 'Reason' instead:

You see, David, that explains one reason I like your old-fashioned blog. The commenters here are probably real to some extent. And you post stuff like that Pelosi illustration. It's impossible to look at without slapping a knee. Whatasensahuma!

Welcome to Zummerzet! ...


"The commenters here are probably real to some extent."

Except for the one known as "Bob".

As for murdering Poirot. I think you'll find the BBC did that with the dire ABC murders shown last week.

Welcome to Zummerzet!
The young lady will leave a definable country to return to just a continent? The same thing if I lived in Britain and decided not to return to the United States, a definable country, but return to North America.

Is there a legal route for someone like her to become a legal citizen of Great Britain? Not just deplaning at Heathrow and claiming 'well, here I am'.
I don't know the rules for British citizenship. It should be challenging and a bit difficult if done legally. Becoming a citizen should be regarded as a privilege, not an entitlement.

SoD, it's her choice, so good luck to her.

By the way, I tried to cut that part of your other comment which contained a barely disguised obscenity but, alas, the whole comment disappeared. Will you ever learn?

Out of all of them, Amber Rudd is, was, and always will be, more than worthy of the "King Canute salute".

Shame you zapped the lot, it was a cracker, even if I say so myself.

Never mind, there's plenty more where that came from.


"Except for the one known as "Bob"

We'll all admit "backofanenvelope" is much more convincing.

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