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Monday, 07 January 2019


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It was his London bit of nookie what did it.

That time-honoured class of "dick and balls hero".


Probably most Americans who try to follow British politics think Corbyn is an atavistic old fool at best. That said, it's impressive how he manages to live spaciously and rent free in the minds of every British conservative. What happens if Labour dumps him in favor of someone like Miliband? Since he makes a good case for a second referendum it's not impossible.

And a hero of a different order:

On the [likely] offchance that doesn't go anywhere - Justice Ginsberg's in the news.

"On the [likely] offchance that doesn't go anywhere"

If you're referring to Miliband I'd ask why not. About 75% of Labour officials want a second referendum, which Corbyn seems determined to resist. At the same time Labour has an image problem Miliband's ethnic background could help. The Tories are divided between two unpopular positions. Probably the broader British public will support a second referendum more as the consequences of a no-deal Brexit become clearer.

I presume you mean Ginsberg is a hero to the American left. If she drops dead soon the shine might come off. They'll be asking why she hung on so long.

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