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Friday, 04 January 2019


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Well, well. You're the sentimental type. Who'da thunk it, David? Maybe what you liked about Laurel and Hardy in addition to simplicity, and possibly also Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin, is they usually played the little guys who triumphed over outrageous fortune. The film 'Stan and Ollie' might rely too much on irony, but reviewers often describe it as "sweet", which was also a big part of Laurel and Hardy's appeal. I'll watch for it.

"These two clowns have, off and on, lit up my childhood, my adolescence, my grown-up years, my middle and my old age."

Surely their careers hadn't started when you were a child?

Laurel and Hardy films, shown in the village hall were my first memories.

I would have been around five...

I've since found the film, which showed a tank being driven down a trench in WW1, with all the men being caught up in the barbed wire, and now lost it!

When I saw them at our local music hall they reminded me of Attlee and Bevin.

More like Corbyn and Milne.

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