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Saturday, 26 January 2019


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It seems our ongoing "Cold Civil War" is going to heat up fast. Winning the real cold war against the USSR might have been the worst thing the West ever did. The losing remnants of that four decade struggle have reformed under our noses and now have control of the main institutions. These remnants now seem to control the law as well. The beginning of the end of this goes slowly and then suddenly. Governments are amassing and asserting their power to suit themselves. Objectors will be ruined and destroyed.

That's 29 armed Fibbies (FBI agents) more than took interest in the idiot who shot up the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, or the idiot who shot up the high school in Broward County.

Weird, isn't it?

And, yes, the Democrats have brought National Socialism to this (the USA) nation. Jerks. Males born out of Wedlock and Female Breeding Dogs, all of them.

Making comparisons to Lavrentiy Beria, who worked for Mother Russia, is very probably a self-defeating tactic for anyone trying to defend the Trump administration. Maybe the editors at 'The American Thinker' will think a little longer next time.

The UE political class seem to be attempting to emulate the USA political class. The working people have been put in docile mode whilst paying taxes to this bunch of mobster mafia types who use and collude with their media pals who raise trivia and throw it to the masses as serious irrelevant issues. Maybe it is time the Yanks got rid of Holywood.


It took only eight SAS troopers to successfully storm the Iranian Embassy against the armed hostage takers.

We do bigger productions over here AussieD.

G'day JK.

Obviously. Heinrich would have been proud of them.

Sounds reminiscent of South Yorkshire police's televised dawn raid on one of Cliff Richard's homes. At least the Yanks found their man in.
Mind you since the man was effectively on bail on his own recognisance a phone call at a civilised hour would have been sufficient.
I suspect the cause is the same in both cases- an attempt to divert attention from failings in other areas.

AussieD, I loved the big police in the Blues Brothers. Those Yanks know how to make an entrance.

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