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Tuesday, 08 January 2019


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OK, it's funny. The little rectangle that says "Re-elect your favorite president" is just as funny, though.

Sometimes the actual, if only a bit, is funnier than the satirical.

And as I've typed 'funnier' there's been some other bits here and there - you'd find I'm afraid, reading all the tiresome legalistic twaddle it must needs be read through to get to the gems, well exactly that, tiresome.

Liz is just a regular gal 'cause she's gonna get herself a beer! If he hadn't already become one with the universe, she could ask GHW Bush for some pork rinds to wash down with it.

The Dems could compete with Trump if they turn their primary into a national version of "Survivor" by using text numbers and the web to let the public vote a contestant off the campaign trail every week. It would continue until they're down to a winner. It would be a great way to handle having 30 or 40 runners, increase democratic participation, and guarantee a nominee that appeals to "the center".

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