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Saturday, 05 January 2019


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Yeah, Zamoyski's 1812 was a cracker.

Might have to take a peak at this one too.


Another of the few good things to come out of Napoleon's invasion of Russia was Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

Good Gawd, you have to laugh or else you'd cry ...

So this is the Ukip and EDL fascists kicking off about Brexiteers with a cheap copy of the French "yellow vests".

Thing that amused me was this ...

"No arrests were made during the march, which was temporarily contained outside a branch of Greggs."

For the foreign reader, Greggs is a Brit pie making business whose products are filled mainly with "lips and arseholes" and other scrag ends of animal carcasses that couldn't make it into anything not covered in a thick layer of pastry.

Staple diet for your growing Fat Fascist Bastard Ukipper or EDLer (indistinguishable these days, even Farage looks down his nose at Ukip, even Farage), so much so the demo ground to a halt while the FFB's stuffed their faces!

I wonder, maybe instead of buying drones to help them control the FFB's as they slob their way around Blighty's cities over the coming years (and given the embarrassing problem the cops seem to have identifying their own drones from imposters, as at the Gatwick farce), might they not be better off hiring a bunch of Gregg's vans and scattering them along the demo march routes. Call the tactic "Who ate all the pies kettling", or something.

Wouldn't work so well against the yellow vests in France of course, no self-respecting Froggie yellow vest would be seen dead clutching a Gregg's pie. Unless, I suppose, a chain of Michelin Star restaurants could be rustled up along the routes, but I doubt Macron can afford them (and if he could he'd probably keep them for himself).


And while you're in the DT, read and weep ...

Whatever happened to small state Libertarian Conservatism?

When the DT's main hacks propose 1970's style 5 year plans for sculpting the economy like some ghastly socialist realism eye sore, don't you wonder what's the difference between the only two X's in the box on offer in Blighty: Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks?

Halligan even admits, plain as a pike staff, that the EU is the only thing holding back a return to Blighty's failed 70's anatomies.

Does he wish it so the DT can sell more copies and keep his job secure, maybe - pages brimming with yet more stories of farce and humiliation?


Having a relative who works for Greggs, I am assured that the contents of their pies and pasties DO NOT contain lips and arseholes, etc, though there are detractors who get their lips and arseholes confused when talking.
After a bacon sandwich, a Greggs sausage and bean melt is the perfect antidote for a hangover.
It has even been said that the level of civilisation of a town or city is directly related to the number of Greggs outlets there are.
Your comments can be taken as the culinary version of the subject of Zamoyski's book.

"After a bacon sandwich, a Greggs sausage and bean melt is the perfect antidote for a hangover."

Ok, Penseivat, I'll fess up. I have gone down that route once or twice and yes, it does work. Apparently there is something in pigs' lips and arseholes with somewhat of a silver bullet ...

As for your relative working for Gregg's, we all have our crosses to bear. I worked for the NHS once. In time the guilt passes.


Penseivat "detractors who get their lips and arseholes confused when talking". I wish I'd thought of that!

You will notice the head line has the get out of libel cases words of 'may have'.
Anyway, the only reason I posted is because I did not want the readers from the colonies across the Atlantic to think that Greggs had stolen the recipe for New York street hotdogs.
Fill your boots.

I will never view my occasional morning sausages in the same way. Not even brats.

"Libertarian Conservatism?" What indeed! Such a thing is never popular with the entrenched political ruling class. Not enough opportunity for graft.

New York hot dogs contain whole animals; just not those you would normally think of eating. The link between a fat, paranoid pol and fast food is probably more famously established over here:

"Trump's love for fast food is well-documented, with his go-to order being two Big Macs, two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, and a large chocolate shake."

So in addition to lips and assholes smothered in sugary bread and condiments, he also loves ground-up, bottom feeding fish mixed with oil and shakes that contain less than 20% dairy products. It seems natural and proper.

It was the EDL ... on Mosley street (clue there? ... Ed) ... protesting outside Gregg's ... About Vegan sausage rolls ...

Does anyone else yearn for normal service to be resumed?

Like when Dave Cam ate ... a ... sausage ... roll ... from Gregg's ...

... and then called a referendum?

That's it, isn't it? Gregg's have poison ed us all with Blighty's equivalent of Novichok - the lips and arseholes sausage roll, and we're all hallucinating and stark staring mad.


Jeez, Penseivat, unless vegetables have lips and arseholes our hangover cure is history (there's hope - Bob, remember, if we can think of it, it exists) ...

But maybe the nation will wake-up from its Novichok-like hallucinations - and VOTE REMAIN in the coming second (actually third) referendum!



We should not leave out snouts and cheeks, which also have healing properties. Over here we have White Castle Hamburgers, also known as 'sliders', that were once my preferred hangover cure. I'm proud to say I've never eaten one sober or before 0300. It's difficult to see how a second or third referendum doesn't materialize in a majority of parallel universes.

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