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Wednesday, 16 January 2019


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David, do something sort out this Brexit mess!

"the medics try to get my bladder in the right condition"

How many conditions are there? Mine only has two, and only one of them requires any action.

Take it easy Duffers - there is not much happening......

Remember: You are not allowed to die without a permission slip from the EU.

Okay All ... Except for you SoD - & YouToo Especially Bob ... well Lawrence [Son of Duff] I'm supposing you'll be kindly regarded on account of, probably only, your Dear Dad.

Anyway All - Hit on over to Mr. Amselem's place because actually, only y'all knows anything timely, opinionly, ... and with the exception of you SoD ... will be the readers over here on D&N.

Be a temporary thing David. You're bloody knacked ... at least I can use the word occasionally 'right' - You get yourself back as whenever a'cause, for whatever Mr Amselem's talents ... "puttin' it in good funny" ain't one of them.

They wouldn't try that, would they?

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